[Trans] Tohoshinki for「FRaU」- March Issue 2015 (Released on 02/12) (Part.1)

FRaU WEB limited Cover




”TOHOSHINKI, the two heroes who keep going straight (note)”

note: This is the direct trans but I think it means that they stay focused and they keep running straight to their dreams and wishes.

Heroes do exist. There are people who make us believe that. Yes, they are TOHOSHINKI who appear on the cover of FRAU for their fifth time. Their gaze straight ahead, strong physiques, beautiful masks (faces) and a faint but noticeable tinge of melancholy… not to mention.. overpowering charisma on stage. From which do their heroic characters originate? And, who are the heroes that they think of?
Q. Who was your childhood hero?
YH: The Hero that I watched very often when I was child is Batman. His (bat)mobile is not just for driving (on the street) but also for flying.. right? It was so very cool. I loved the dark screen tones mostly featuring black.
CM: Same here. I really loved watching Batman when I was little. The reason why I loved the show is the same as Yunho’s. I was watching the show while thinking that I want to get the fantastic car! It does not matter whether you are hero or not.. but its so great if I can just drive such a car. I still hope that I want to have a car like that some day even once in my life.
Q. Who are the heroes for the two of you now?
CM: The hero that I can think of now is no one but Iron Man. Well I guess I just love Tony Stark even more than Iron Man. He is rich, a president of a company, and he has a lot of cool cars.. he is a man of my dream (laugh). In addition to that.. he saves the world and he works hard as a hero. But he is not just being cool .. I love the fact that he also shows us the weaker side of him. I think he is more real/more human and cooler than the hero who always keeps the serious look on his face and struggles to save the world.
YH: I guess what hero means to me might have changed by now. Recently, my hero is (Thomas) Edison. I believe that because he invented many things and his inventions became the foundation of modern technology. In recent years, I have been challenging myself to do some creative. Edison posed questions and had transformed his questions to (marketable) products.. and that is my hero! When I think of a hero as an artist, it is Michael Jackson. Some day I wish to become an entertainer like him.

Q. What color do you imagine when you think of a hero?
YH: I think yellow is the color. Personally, I like red or blue, but when I think of a hero, I imagine yellow. Yellow is the color that it usually does not stand out, but it glitters/shines when it is necessary. I have such impression for yellow.
CM: I guess the most of heroes wear red uniforms. To speak of which, my favorite Iron Man does that too. and Spider Man and Super Man, they all wear red. Therefore it is red for me. Oh, by the way, I like Spider Man too because his girl friend is cute (laugh).

Q. About heroism in yourself and in your partners?
YH: Just at the moment, when we come up to the stage, we will be charged with some strange/unknown power. It is not just for Changmin but it also applies to me. At the very moment, we are pretty much ilke heroes. In front of a few ten-thousands of audiences, we sing, dance and do MC, and take leadership to unite everyone. I think such heroism is in Changmin and also in me. In addition, Changmin has some charisma that once he sets his mind, he does not have the second thought but he stays focused and keeps moving forward. That is the hero-like part of Changmin, I think.
CM: Yunho is such a hero that some times, I feel, “Its not fair!” For example, he has the guts/strength to go outside even at the moment that we are working together. He is like that in his private time too. I am shy to say that we are famous..but everyone knows us..but Yunho goes/comes out while he is working or he is in his private time. Whether he can solve problems by doing so is a different issue. Such behavior of him reminds me the heroes that I watched when I was little.

Q. What are your ideal encounter and separation/parting?
CM: I do not think such things as ideal encounter and separation/parting exist. They are not something that you can call ideal or not.. they happen naturally. “As it is/go as it flows” may sound too natural, but it is the most ideal and realistic situation. Especially speaking of separation/parting….parting from your friend, lover, or your family, whoever you are parting from, it is not fun at all. So I believe there is no such a thing as an ideal separation.
YH: Basically I have the same thought as Changmin. Go as it flows at each circumstance is the most ideal encounter as well as parting. But when you are parting from someone, instead of being emotional, it would be the best if you can pray for the other one’s happiness while smiling. If you can do that, the separation will be followed by a new encounter, I believe. The energy of praying is circulating/floating, so if you can pray when you feel sad because of parting from someone, you will be given some power/feel empowered. Even you are having very difficult time/heart-wrenching time to be separated from your loved one, you should pray for his/her happiness. By doing so, you should be able to have an ideal .. well, i should say non-regrettable separation, I guess.




Translated by @beriko0214
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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