[VID/Partial Trans] 150531 “Tohoshinki Documentary 2015″ Episode 01 on NittlePlus


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Partial Translations:


via/Translated by @xx__0_0__xx :

  • Q:what was the hardest part when you first came to Japan? YH:Japanese, we took 20mins to shoot a 1min commentary..

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  • チャンミンのイヤモニ CM’s ear monitor.. CM:this has a lot more things inside than the normal earphones..this is quite expensive

  • when they’ve got a video camera to record their private scenes

  • immediately start recording..

  • CM filming selfie, YH filming CM selfie-ing

  • preview Changmincam

  • preview Yunhocam

  • BOTH of TVXQ swimming in Okinawa

  • preview what’s YH shooting for?

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via/Translated by @snxy:

  • Q. It is difficult right? Changmin: this song at this time.. It is hard on me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ RT  Q 힘드시죠? 최강창민 – 이시간에 노래는… 저는 무리에영 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ RT  かわいい(;ω;)
  • Yunho’s weak point is remembering lyrics ww RT   
  • Yunho: it is difficult to remember lyrics www RT   (∵) 歌詞覚えるのが大変です。 Embedded image permalink
  • Yunho: at the time of (our) debut in japan, it took abt 20 mins to record a one-minute long comment. RT  (∵) 日本デビュー当時は1分のコメント録りに20分くらいかかりました
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  • Yunho: bc it was the last (live), i wasn’t able to sleep much.. I couldn’t sleep. Not more than 3 hours ㅜㅜ RT   유노윤호 – 미지막이리서 얼마 못잤어요…. 잠을 못잤어요 3시간 정도밖에 RT  出だしから(;ω;)
  • The 2 who struggled with Japanese when they first came to Japan RT  日本にきて苦労したことはやっぱり日本語でができなかったと語る二人
  • Because it was the last day… our Yunho who couldn’t sleep much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ RT  마지막 날이기 때문에 너무 잠을 못 잤다 3 시간 밖에 못 잤다 고…
  • Sneak for next part – Whoaaaa what are you filming for, Yunho? RT  このユノは何の撮影
  • The boys after the end of one of the concerts ㅠㅠ  RT   
  • Changmin’s focus on Changmin Yunho’s focus on Changmin RT  カメラ渡されてチャンミンセルカなのにユノはチャンミンを撮るってな Embedded image permalink
  • Changmin on his difficulty with Japanese at the start
    Embedded image permalink
    RT  ユノ「1分のコメント撮りに20分かかった。」
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  • Film stuff that interest you. Changmin -> Changmin. Yunho: oh? -> Changmin www RT  좋아하는거 재미있는거 찍으라고 준 카메라
  • Yunho’s warming up his voice in the bg ww RT  
  • Re-post cos prev one was incomplete Yunho’s difficulty w Japanese

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  • College student Yunho on a trip with the boys www (yunho with the tohoshinki dancers) RT  




Translated by @LuvTV2XQ:

  • TOHOSHINKI Documentary Episode 1! It sounds like Yunho cried even during rehearsal 😦 let me find it out the detail!
  • The difficultly that u faced in Jpn 10yrs ago? CM:It was hard not being able to chat w cute girls cuz of my jpn skill

  • CM also said.. (10 yrs ago) We didn’t have friends either. I got homesick. That was tough things for us.

  • CM: This costume got me even hotter than a dance song before this
    Fan: Take it off!
    CM: What? Dont be kidding me

  • Staff celebrated Changmin’s birthday! Happy birthday!

  • Staff gave boys video cameras to shoot anything until the end of the tour. The boys faces…cant stop loving them♡




Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:


  • Tohoshinki 10th Anni in Japan Documentary rough trans 1 Qn:after coming to Japan,what’s something you find difficult?

  • Tohoshinki 10th anni in Japan Documentary rough trans 2

  • Tohoshinki 10th Anni in Japan Documentary rough trans 3 Changmin n girls again

  • Tohoshinki 10th anni in Japan doc-sukkiri backstage (世界第一西皮) Cameraman: It’s live CM: morning info program..(laughs)

  • Tohoshinki 10th anni in Japan doc-sukkiri backstage(世界第一西皮) YH:becuz it’s a morning program,so face is still bloated
  • The staff gave each of them a DV each to film things that interests them. CM filmed himself while testing, saying he likes himself most, so YH filmed CM (cr: 世界第一西皮)




Translated by @joeylfy :

  • Min thought it was a bit ridiculous to sing at this hour (it was filmed quite late?), bcs ppl are going to bed…  RT  
  • C: There’s no more time… Somehow… It’s really soon.
    Y (in bg): Ahhhhh~~~~
    (Me: O<–<)
  • Comments from Sam-San  (f: @/chimichami)

    Embedded image permalink
    RT  サムさんコメント
    ユノは昔からムードメーカーで、そのまま成長した。 チャンミンは本当に大人になった 前は人の後ろに隠れてたって。




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