[Fanacc] 150725 Changmin for 「#SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV in OSAKA SPECIAL EDITION」at Kyocera Dome (Part.1)


Fanaccounts, Including Pre-Concert Ones and Some Photos/Fancams:




Translated by @changdoll:

  • [trans] During the last half of Rusty Nail, changmin unbuttoned to show his abs, but once he started talking, he deftly fastened the buttons on his shirt, holding the microphone. cr: sivasingh





Via/Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:








Via/Translated by @snxy :

  • The The Stage poster with TVXQ ;;;
  • Osaka admission stamp ~!
  • so changmin really performed ichigo with just kyuhyun? – he explained minho’s injury i think (frm what i heard) – @ some idol bball game.
  • f: qingxin218 changmin’s ment during ichigo wwww changkyu

    Embedded image permalink
  • fans during changmin’s stage xD f: tagged

    Embedded image permalink
  • taemin mentions tvxq during the shinee ment f: supremacy

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  • For the 20s Changmin, the last stage in the dome.. 
  • changmin talked about enlistment and the fangirls were all wailing f: cleombrotussnsd – whole place was a sea of red; popularity is crazy
  • Changmin did we are T 4x, a smile & really loudly!!!! ;;; f: akkM fancam

  • Changmin’s ment f: ymamylim T____T on enlistment and wanting to return as TVXQ ;;

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  • And “(we) will definitely return as the 2 people of TVXQ” 
  • It is – “Last dome performance in his 20s” f: qingxin218

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  • even in the cinema, it was T holders everywhere (live viewing) 
  • 2day’s KD was extremely red. i rly think it was good tt e red was shown to changmin 4 his last dome live in his 20s. 
  • changmin who was interpreting (to jpn) for kangta sunbae (speaking in kr) no matter wht u do, it’s wonderful. 





Fanaccount by @akieerashimae22:






As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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