[Fanacc] 150725 Changmin for 「#SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV in OSAKA SPECIAL EDITION」at Kyocera Dome (Part.2)



Translated by @beriko0214:

  • CM ment cr:
    Actually we planned to come here as the two of us TOHOSHINKI.. but you may already know from newspaper articles… he is gone.. well it may sound not right to say he is gone w.. and I will be going pretty soon.. Its really sad.. from the bottom of my heart that I (we) won’t be able to come to Osaka.. this heartwarming place.. for 2 years.. For me, this concert means really special.. because this is the last dome concert in my 20th. But the two of us will return here as TOHOSHINKI for sure.
  • CM ment cr:
    We have live concerts many time here at Osaka Dome as TOHOSHINKI, but I guess you already knew..he’s gone already well instead of saying that, I should say that he has something that he has to do.. and i also am planning to go pretty soon
    Personally speaking, this stage at Osaka dome is really special for me.. because this is the last Dome live for Changmin in his 20th.
    I wanted to make more happy/enjoyable memories.. am I doing okay? Okay, then I will sing the next son..
    This Osaka, such heartwarming place.. about 2 years.. a bit more?? I do not know how long… that I won’t be able to come again..
    Its really sad. But I want to stand on this stage at Osaka Dome again as TOHOSHINKI for sure. The two of us.. you know.. For sure.
  • CM meant during Ichigo cr:
    I have something to tell you all, there is someone who really likes to play sports besides us. But he injured his leg a little while ago… You knew that, right? Gyu: Yeah I knew.. what a petty guy he is..
  • cr: during ichigo
    Gyu:When you play basketball, please watch over ur feet. Ur feet are mine.
    CM: What the heck are you saying?
    CM: They are mine!
    Gyu: No, they are mine!
    CM: Okay, They are ours! Okay, he (minho) is in our heart and do our best!
    Gyu: let’s do it!
  • cr: YH ment in SUM goods VCR
    There are some feelings that I would never want to forget about.
    Absolute mutual trust and overflowing love
  • cr:
    During Rasty Nail, CM shouted, “We are!” for many times as if he wanted to burn the scene into his memory.
  • cr:
    (´・J ・`)<everyone、were you waiting for me? I can’t hear you… Did you wait for me??
  • cr:
    during STL CM”Osaka~!! I really love you~II (in Osaka dialect)
    “Thank you everyone!” (this used to be YH’s)
  • cr:
    YH always made sure that ppl pay attention to CM’s high note part in HOPE. Even he was chatting with other artists, he never forgot the part (/ _ ; )
  • VCR Narration by Changmin after Bolero
    cr:@chii_tvxq  @shinobusan

    Everyone is equally given time as a day. We all live in the time frame of a day, even though some of us do not live in the same place. A day starts in the morning and ends at night, even though we do not wake up at the same time and we have our own thoughts in our minds.

    While you are living in a routine, the beginning of the day and the ending of the day.. if you spend a very special day, your life may change forever.

    My life shines now and I’ve been able to discover new me/myself that I’d never imagined. You have brought me the most special day in my life with all your love, unconditional support with your warm smiles.

    Thanks to your encouragement, I was able to realize that I can do something, and thanks to your love, I’ve become someone to be loved.

    I hope I will become a special person to you all and I wish that I could make your day as the special one.

    I wish to continue to walk together with you for all days, days when we can be together, days when we can encourage each other, and even days when we can’t be together but can be happy together.




Fanaccounts by @sivasingh, @roseaki, @mocaminnie, @max7221, @CMkeiYH@chii_tvxq  and @shinobusan ,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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