4 thoughts on “[NOTICE] Please Join us for TVXQ’s Birthday Project: “Send them your L♥ve”

  1. I am sorry… but am I late send a birthday card to Changmin? I want to send it for both, but am I late for Changmin??

    2016-01-17 20:50 GMT+07:00 TVXQ! Express :

    > TVXQ! Express posted: ” Come on join us in our Birthday project for Yunho > and Changmin for this year~♥ o(*^▽^*)o ! For details, please check the > project page here~ Best Regards, TVXQ! Express We are T!” >


    • Hello, we just noticed that we made a mistake with Changmin’s messages deadline. it’s supposed to be 02/07 not 01/07
      we apologize for the typo, and thank you so much for bringing it to our attention again > <


      • I see ^^, Glad to know that.
        But, Sorry again, I still not understand. So, we must make “Birthday Project 2016” as subject when we send the e-mail, right?


    • Hello, sorry for the late reply.
      regarding your second message below:
      yup, you start your email title with:
      [Birthday Project 2016]
      then you write to whom this message is.
      Yunho/Changmin –
      then your details:
      (your name/nickname , country, your age)
      so, if it is a message to Yunho, it could be something like:
      [Birthday Project 2016] Yunho– (name , USA, 19)


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