[PIC/Fanacc] 170427 東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017 ~TILL2~ Second Day at Osaka-Jo Hall

Tohoshinki film concert TILL2 2nd day at Osaka-Jo hall was held on 4/27 with two rounds (1st round starting at 14/15:00 and 2nd round starting at 18:00/19:00).

The special guests for both rounds for this day were DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki, Toho dancer Achi-san and Toho band member (Bassist) Kazuhiro Sunaga (nicknamed Kazu-san)!

Also, HAPPY 12th TOHOSHINKI ANNIVERSARY!!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧
apparently they celebrated it together with the fans at the venue with a cake~

(It’s also TB’s birthday~ > w <)



The guests with the crowds at round 1

Round 2

[cr: Tohoshinki TILL2 official Website]


[cr: @tohotill2]

the three with TB and MC minsil-san~

[cr: achiwilder: here]


[cr: @mk_Bigeast]


[cr: @tvxq_0206yck]



Fanaccounts translated by @snxy:

  • (#tohotill2 osaka round 2) Dorian (tsutsumi san): after the golden mission in Okinawa, at the gathering after, yunho went around to each of the staff to say a few words. he’s indeed such a persona! truly likeable (no choice but to like him nuance) [cr: @with_Yunho]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2) After the Okinawa filming, Dorian and the staff had left to discuss something when Yunho came up and asked what they were doing. He answered “having a meeting” and Yunho went up to another staff member and asked “what are you doing”, one by one asking them. www [cr: @koridori14]
  • The guests for #tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 1 were achi-san, kazu-san and dorian [cr: @anywhere4you]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 1) Achi-san said that in the dancers’ tour waiting room, he would play a football game and yunho would come to play. As he’s good at it, he usually wins most of the time, but once, Achi-san won which he (YH) regretted. Yunho would probably re-challenge him again when he returned. [cr: @u_min206]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 1) Achi-san said on WITH tour’s last day, while WITH LOVE (the vcr?) was gpig on, rhe dancers were at the back waiting and trying hard not to cry. But once they saw the two people on stage crying, everyone from the band to the staff started crying. that wasn’t something that happened. That’s because everyone was feeling the same things (about them) [cr: @u_min206]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 1) Kazu-san had his birthday in the midst of the TIME tour and was in the waiting room when suddenly the lights went off and the 2 people came in carrying a cake as well as the dance members. Yunho smeared cake on Kazu’s face and a video of it was also shown. [cr: @anywhere4you]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 1) Dorian asked Yunho how he could become a superstar like him. Yunho had said that when he was a trainee, he (looked at houses) and said I will live in such a house. (Looking at cars) I will drive such a car. He (dorian) said he did the same but until now it’s still status quo. ㅋㅋ[cr: @YcyYukinooo]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 1) During Golden Mission filming, Changmin had arrived when there were no cameras yet, and praised Dorian, saying your hair today is handsome, your suit is nice. Dorian asked him to mention it during filming but right until the end, he didn’t. When asked why, Changmin just laughed, hahaha, and left. [cr: @b_u_tcatchme]
  • Dorian mentioned meeting yunho recently during tohotill2 round 2~!! {t/n: Remember that fan posting abt seeing Dorian at SM CC?} [cr: @ayaloveyknow]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 round 2) Dorian said he had recently met yunho. yunho’s also been watching the gold mission, his thoughts on it were “I’m stupid, hahaha” [cr: @mayamin26]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 round 2) Dorian said he has talked to yunho and that yunho was watching the gold mission. He commented, I’m stupid (as an afterthought of watching) Dorian said but isn’t it good since it’s interesting? And yunho just kept laughing [cr: @anywhere4you]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 2) Achi-san’s talk: he had been a dancer since TONE. The dancers would practise a few songs first before meeting with Tohoshinki. When they first met, Yunho-san (at that time, he still referred to Yunho with -san) asked the dancers to just dance by themselves (Superstar) but after they’d finished, he said “it’s different. it’s not enough.” And Yunho said “watch” and danced by himself on full power. At that he felt Yunho was dangerous. He danced energetically and went all out and when he watched Yunho, he was tired (at the end as he had danced all out) he went home with the feeling that Yunho was someone who had either 0 or 100 (all or nothing) [cr: @mayamin26]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 2) dorian said the mill (grinder) from the barista gold mission episode was brought home by yunho and changmin [cr: @aramayunho3n]
  • (#tohotill2 osaka day 2 rd 2) While Yunho & Changmin were filming Gold Mission, they were also doing WITH Tour. They asked if there were any gags of Dorians, (Tsutsumi’s comedy group) but he would keep saying no then at WITH tour, the 2 actually used their material. During MC, Yunho suddenly used it in his self-introduction, at Tokyo Dome, where he played on Changmin’s name in an imitation of their gag. Although their gag was interesting the fact that it was originally Dorian’s, touched him [cr: @mayamin26]

{p/n: here is the part Yunho and Changmin borrowed from Dorians’ gag! Yunho as Hirai Shunsuke while Changmin as Tsutsumi

[cr: via @wr2799]}

  • fan said tsutsumi’s talk was interesting and she liked him. he even said “even if u don’t like me, please don’t dislike tohoshinki”🤣 [cr: @yumi2629]





as we indicated above,
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