[Fanacc] 170430 東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017 ~TILL2~ Second Day Nagoya (+Overall) Part.2

Tohoshinki film concert TILL2 2nd day at Nippon Gaishi hall, Nagoya was held with two rounds on 170430. The special guests for both rounds for that day were Toho dancer SONNY and Toho band member (Bassist) Kazuhiro Sunaga (nicknamed Kazu-san).

It was the last day of TILL2 film concert, so the fanaccounts compiled in this post may also include general fanaccounts of the recorded mc segments or performances that were showed in the tour overall.


TILL2 Film Concert songs set list:

Choosy Lover
Love in the Ice
Spellbound (Suri Suri)
T-style (Yunho’s Solo)
Before U Go
Rusty Nail (Changmin’s Solo)
Toki wo Tomete
Share the World
High time
Rising Sun
Everyone’s Selected Song {p/n: fans would need to choose before the concert starts out of four songs: WEEP (TONE), In our Time (Nissan), Goodbye for now (TREE), With Love (WITH) [cr: @chiichan0202]}

[cr: set list via @maxchangminmayu and @SAyunO87]


Concert MC Minsil-san sharing her photos with TB and the guests from all 9 days of the concerts (she missed taking a photo with TB on the first day).

[cr: Minshiru/Minsil-san’s twitter (@minsil323]


Translated by @beriko0214:

  • When CM saw YH crying (Weep), CM looked really surprised and worried (a bit in panic). or more like omg. is YH crying!?
    CM was himself (not a superstar) and he didn’t know what to do cause he didn’t expect that YH would cry so hard.

    [cr: @memhachi]
  • The camera captured CM at a different angle from the one included in the DVD. CM looked completely caught by surprise.
    CM was like Whaaat!??
    CM managed to turn his face to audience.
    CM checked YH again.
    [cr: @pokueri_0309]
  • CM looked really surprised and worried when he saw YH crying, and CM checked YH many times. We’ve never seen CM like that before. [cr: @mika_y_c_tvxq]
  • Sunny-san: the most stressful moment is YH’s back handspring. YH and Sunny-san both focuses really hard to make it. When YH started to run towards Sunny-san, the look in YH’s eyes was really scary. When they made it, they were truly happy. [cr: @uknow212max1]
  • The scene when CM was caught by surprise and looked .. what.. what is going on? waaa YH is crying..
    waaa.. don’t know what to do.. hyung is crying..
    Because we’ve never seen CM in panic like that, it was a bit funny.. people giggled..
    the way CM looked at YH, you can tell he cares about YH a lot, and that made everyone cry. [cr: @pokueri_0309 and @chizu0701]
  • YH had hard time to say, “Otanoshimi kudasai (Please enjoy!)”
    (*´∵`*)<hen-shu (Cut it)!hen-shu!Use the take where I did okay!
    (*`∵´*) Okay, everyone…
    (´・J・`) Take five
    Because CM counted takes immediately, it was impossible to edit CM’s voice out:D [cr: @19mkt]
  • Sonny-san is aware that his physical strength is going down, and he is amazed about those of younger dancers. YH knows what Sonny-san is thinking and when they form a circle and handle up together, YH tells him that he should be confident about his career. YH is happy just the fact that Sonny-san is on stage and YH believes in Sonny-san.
    Sonny-san was so touched by YH’s words.[cr: @uknow212max1]
  • The best two short comic play/skits that YH liked are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA5eYbqtCWk  [cr: @yunomariuosao and @19mkt]
  • Kazu-san The VCR featuring introduction of Band members and danders was a YH’s idea. YH asked them not to stay in the back but appeal themselves as much as possible. While changing costumes, YH was checking monitor and gave them advices such as You could look into the camera. Kazu-san and everyone were grateful to YH. [cr: @y2kpmax2618]
  • Minshiru-san talking about CM
    CM doesn’t say much but he pays attention others and cares for others. [cr: @love_chococha]
  • YH looked at CM for at least 5 times while singing Love in the Ice. [cr: @aoki_tv2xq]
  • MC:
    (*∵)o「(to audience in dark)Everyone looks pretty well…」
    (´-J-`)「…Can you see anything?」
    (∵)「Well…But I feel that I can see them」
    (´-J-`)「Really? I can’t see anything at all.」
    [cr: @tvxq_sta]
  • Kazu-san: I feel that CM knows everything without me saying a word. There are many occasions that I feel that CM helps me. [cr: @moetaira (guest talk Nagoya Day 2)]
  • The most memorable live for CM was Nissan
    ( ∵ )Perhaps i shouldn’t say this but our fans looked like Q-tips.
    (´・J・`) For me, they looked like ants.
    [cr: @y2kpmax2618]
  • it’s been almost 2 years since CM was on stage without YH (SMT). i’ve been curious why CM chose to sing “Bolero” at that time. TILL film concerts were all done by now, i think its okay to talk about this. One of new MC scenes for TILL, YH asked CM, “What kind of live concert, do you want to do next?”
    CM said that they performed some of their old songs during WITH tour. and he wanted to sing their old songs more.
    YH said that he wanted to sing “Bolero”.
    CM said, “Lovin’ you”
    YH&CM simultaneously, “Begin.”
    Perhaps Kyuhyun can sing “Bolero” and that can be another reason but it is possible that CM remembered that YH wanted to sing “Bolero”., and remember CM was there alone but he wore YH’s ring and costume. So perhaps the SMT, they were performing together. [cr: @HOmin0212nimOH]





as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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