[Fanacc] 170430 東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017 ~TILL2~ Second Day Nagoya (+Overall)

Tohoshinki film concert TILL2 2nd day at Nippon Gaishi hall, Nagoya was held with two rounds on 170430. The special guests for both rounds for that day were Toho dancer SONNY and Toho band member (Bassist) Kazuhiro Sunaga (nicknamed Kazu-san).

It was the last day of TILL2 film concert, so the fanaccounts compiled in this post may also include general fanaccounts of the recorded mc segments or performances that were showed in the tour overall. (previous Nagoya 2nd day post: here)


TILL2 Film Concert songs set list:

Choosy Lover
Love in the Ice
Spellbound (Suri Suri)
T-style (Yunho’s Solo)
Before U Go
Rusty Nail (Changmin’s Solo)
Toki wo Tomete
Share the World
High time
Rising Sun
Everyone’s Selected Song {p/n: fans would need to choose before the concert starts out of four songs: WEEP (TONE), In our Time (Nissan), Goodbye for now (TREE), With Love (WITH) [cr: @chiichan0202]}

[cr: set list via @maxchangminmayu and @SAyunO87]


Photo of the red ocean from the tour’s last day in Nagoya~

[cr: @tohotill2]


Fanaccounts translated by @snxy:

  • (#tohotill2 nagoya day 2 round 1) sonny said that during summer dream, when he was getting ready to push Yunho off for the somersault he was so nervous, he felt like his heart was gonna fly out. when he faced yunho who was running towards him, he said his expression was like that of a demon. [cr: @t_yc212]
  • from Yunho’s MC: until now the most enjoyable MC has been ‘Picaru no Teiri’s Deburashika and Bibarui’. He wasn’t bothered or forced but felt it was the most enjoyable. [cr: @yunomariuosao]

p/n: both are gags they did in TONE Tour mc. Here they are:

  • Picaru no Teiri’s “Teburashika” gag

[cr: via @bigeast1ooochan]

  • Picaru no Teiri’s “Bibari to Lui” gag

[cr: @y2kpmax2618]

  • During Love in the Ice, Yunho is looking at Changmin but his eyes are closed because he’s sure if they are open, he’ll get sucked in. [cr: @chobi_1231]
  • the two named lovin’ you, bolero and begin as the past songs that they would like to sing again ;; [cr: @yunomariuosao]
  • the ending credits had a clip of yunho and changmin playing around with each other (from el sol) ㅜ urgh dvd plsㅜㅜ

    [cr: @surisuri_enne]
  • the last song,weep, where yunho was 😢showed a previous unseen expression of a surprised changmin who kept watching him. Really 😩💗 [cr: @mika_y_c_tvxq]
  • Yunho’s expression “don’t hesitate anymore, I’ll protect you” Love in the Ice, a song which Tohoshinki’s singing ability can be conveyed fully [cr: @tvxq_sta]
  • On Yunho’s favourite Tohoshinki song
    (∵) happy, the happiness of flowers?
    (´・J・` ) the flower of happiness!
    but he couldn’t say the name until the end ww
    [cr: @MEMAID_AU]
  • mc: during with tour they’d sung old songs but are still nostalgic about..
    Yunho: bolero.
    Changmin: lovin’ you
    Both: begin!
    [cr: @hytk0505]
  • During the MC
    (*∵)o “(looking towards the audience) Everyone looks well…”
    (´-J-`) “… you see that?”
    (∵) “No, but I feel like I can see it”
    (´-J-`) “I see, however, I cannot see anything at all.” www
    [cr: @tvxq_sta]
  • The ending messages (based on what fan could remember)
    Yunho: by the time this video is showing, I should be preparing to return. As it is will be soon, please wait.
    Changmin: I’m still unable to meet with you for a little while. It can’t be helped. I can’t do anything (about it)! But it will be soon. [cr: @hytk0505]
  • fan theorising that changmin’s choice of bolero at SMT Osaka ’15 was because Yunho had wanted to sing it (he was not able to attend SMT) At that time, Till concert content would have been filmed already (so Changmin would have known about Yunho’s choice). [cr: @HOmin0212nimOH]





as we indicated above,
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