[VID/Trans] 170716 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 1


This video seems to be following the announcement back in April: here, where fans sent their questions ^^.





Tsutsumi (T): Hello, everyone! I am Tsutsumi of Dorians. Today, I am here with questions that Bigeasts asked for Yunho previously. I am going to get answers directly from Yunho and have a talk session with him. Right now I am just waiting for Yunho. I am a little bit nervous because I haven’t seen him for two years. And look at me, I dressed in Yunho sytle – Yunho’s solo album.. please check down here… well our staffs did not get my joke (no laughter at all). Whatever.. anyways, it is almost time. I heard that Yunho will get here around this time.. I am waiting for him. Well, I’ll have a seat here while I wait for him.

YH: Ohhhh you are real (Tsutsumi-san). He is real. Wow.. I am really surprised to see you here. You came all the way to Korea. I can’t believe this.
T: Ohh You are real Yunho. You are real too.
T: Of course, I am here in Korea. Wow, This is amazing. I am so glad that you look pretty well (in good health). Both Yunho and I are super happy.
YH: Well. I am very happy too.. btw why did you come here? Hahaha!
T: Today, I have many.. well I will explain to you later.. but I have a lot of questions from Bigeasts to you, Yunho. We collected a lot of questions from Bigeasts, and I also hope that we talk about… well it has been two years.
YH: Yes, you are right.
T: So let’s have a talk session and I want Yunho to tell me your story.
YH: That is fine.. but I hope this is not a part of Gold Mission.
T: No, this is not a part of Gold Mission. Having said that we do have a sort of mission – the two of us need to have entertaining/interesting conversation.
YH: Yes. Well, I am really nervous.
T: Come on! You are joking. You are not nervous at all, are you?
YH: I’m not (nervous). I lied 😀
T: Hahahaha
YH: Hahahaha
T: Yunho, honestly speaking, it has been two years.. and you two had prepared for film concerts and the Gold Missions, and that made possible for Bigeasts to wait for this time to come.
YH: Ah.. and me too. I have been waiting for this time.
T: Of course, I totally understand.
YH: Yes, it’s true.
T: Yes. Everyone has been looking forward to this time. Okay, let’s talk.
YH: Now!? Are we going to talk now?
T: Yes. Relax. We should enjoy talking.
YH: Okay, I will tell you everything from my heart.. all of my feelings.
T: Yes. You should talk about everything, get everything off your chest. Do not worry about anything.
YH: Okay.
T: You can have a glass of water first and we will talk.

T: The two of you, Tohoshinki, and I went to many places together through Gold Missions. Do you still remember about that?
YH: Of course, I remember everything.
T: Which one was the most memorable moment/episode?
YH: We went to so many different places.
T: We did.. which one?
YH: For me, the somen noodle.. well udon noodle episode..
T: It’s soba noodle!
YH: Oh yes. Soba..it was soba ^^;
T: Hahahaha
YH: I was able to make soba noodle in Yunho style.
T: Yes, you made the soba noodle a bit thick. 5 mm
YH: Yes, in 5 mm thickness. Well, Somen noodle should be in 5 mm thickness.
T: No, Soba! Hahaha
YH: Oops, Soba! Hahaha Why do I keep saying somen!?
YH: Well. Soba noodle should be in 5 mm thickness.
T: We visited other places.. like Tofu..
YH: Yes we made Tofu. We played golf. I remember that very well. Since then, I’ve been interested in playing golf.
T: Really!? Oh you enjoyed playing golf so very much back then that you are interested in playing golf?
YH: Yes. But I should say that Tsutsumi-san was really good at playing golf and you made me jealous.. and I wish that I could beat Tsutsumi-san up next time!
T: Hahahaha .. oh you really are competitive.
T: If you have some free time, you should play golf with staffs and everyone.
YH: If I have another chance, I want to play golf with you and others.
T: That day, it was raining so hard.
YH: It was not just rain. There were strong winds.
T: Yes, the winds were really strong.
T: I remember that you had such a tight schedule and you had to play golf even through you were incredibly busy. I appreciated that.. and I have such a fond memory.
YH: Yes, it was a fond memory to me as well and.. I also have a memory where I was so touched..It was our last world tour in KOR, Tsutsumi-san came to see us.
T: I was sent to see you for Gold Mission but actually, the two of you kindly invited me to the concert.. and I was really touched by that. It was amazing.
YH: Well but I know that it was not easy for you to come and see us..
T: Well.. but..at the special time..
YH: So I remember that very well.
T: It was amazing. I was really moved (by your performance).
YH: We are having good time now, aren’t we?
T: Well, I am so happy, Yunho..you are looking very well.
T: Were you able to watch Gold Mission?
YH: When I had some free time, I watched Gold Mission a bit by bit.
T: Oh, so you were able to watch it.
YH: Yes
T: Was it hard for you to keep a straight face while watching?/Were you grinning when you watch it?
YH: Yes. It was hard. . I was grinning.. but I did not know about my personality .. I have such an eccentric/intriguing personality.
T: Hahaha
YH: When I looked at myself as the third person, I think my personality is somewhat eccentric/ strange/weird.
T: Oh, did you just realize that? Yunho, you are eccentric/weird.
YH: I know I am a bit weird but I think that part of me is my charm point/makes me more attractive.
T: Yes, you were really fun/entertaining.

To be continued.





Bigeast Official Website,
Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
Video Translation by @beriko0214: here or here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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