[VID/Trans] 170723 Summary of the「Tohoshinki AWARD 2017 @ LINE LIVE」Broadcast and Guests’ Comments

On the 23rd at 22:00-23:00, the live broadcast of 「Tohoshinki AWARD 2017 @ LINE LIVE」 was held to announce the results of the “Tohoshinki AWARD (temporary title)” Special questionnaire, hosted by Minsil-san / DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki / TB. In addition, two Tohoshinki celebrity fans were invited as guests: Kurosawa Kazuko (from the female comedian trio Morisanchuu) and Mukaiyama Takeshi (from SOLIDEMO, Tohoshinki’s Japanese junior group in Avex).

The broadcast gathered 326 thousand live viewers, 94.9 thousand comments and 16.7 million hearts as it ended [cr: @xx__0_0__xx] (likes and comments now has exceeded that)!!! It is amazing because Tohoshinki is not present and it was announced that neither Yunho or Changmin will appear~

In addition, they mentioned a surprise at the end and it was a call from Yunho!! Check our post here for more.




The broadcast has ended, but the full official video can be viewed now on

LINE (skip the 1st minutes): here.



It can be watched below as well:



[cr: @banbimax218 (link password: 26218)]




It can be downloaded fully: here thanks to @hibohabu ^^




Tohoshinki AWARD 2017 @ LINE LIVE:


The fans most favourite choices of each category:


  1. White: Gathering 7,101 votes [cr: @xx__0_0__xx].
  2. Why? (Keep Your Head Down).
  3. Spinning.

○Live Performance:

  1. Rising Sun (2015 WITH Tour): Gathering 3,937 votes [cr: @xx__0_0__xx].
  2. B.U.T (2012 TONE Tour).
  3. With Love (2015 WITH Tour).


  1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
  2. B.U.T
  3. シアワセ色の花 (Shiawase iro no hana)


Toho Dancers and Band members choices for Live performances:

  2. Before U Go/Catch Me
  3. Love in the Ice/B.U.T/Chandelier


The guests also shared their own choices for each category, shared before the fans’ choices were revealed:

Kurosawa Kazuko:


  1. Something.
  2. Superstar.
  3. Spinning.

○Live Performance:

  1. Good-bye for Now (2014 TREE Tour).
  2. サクラミチ (Sakuramichi) (2015 WITH Tour).
  3. Superstar (2012 TONE Tour).


  1. B.U.T
  2. Duet
  3. SURI SURI [Spellbound]


Mukaiyama Takeshi:


  1. Chandelier.
  2. SCREAM.
  3. White.

○Live Performance:

  1. Catch Me -if you wanna- (2013 TIME Tour).
  2. Something (2014 TREE Tour).
  3. B.U.T. (2012 TONE Tour).


  1. 繋がれた舟 (Tied Ship)
  2. I love you
  3. Duet




Here are translations of comments from the hosts and guests during the show. These are translations either directly during the live stream or the video after it ended:



Translated by @snxy:

  • Tsutsumi said that staff often talked about how they wanted to quickly work again with Tohoshinki; Minsil-san too said whenever she met staff, they’d often talk about reuniting again. Now there isn’t much longer to go ;;; [cr: @ymamylim]
  • Tsutusmi said tho he’s older than TVXQ, he’s learnt a lot from them.. [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Takeshi-san’s fave song is Yunho’s solo song, “Tied Ship”. It’s a song where the singing is hard to do but Yunho expressed his emotions very well [cr: @kyoumo0206]
  • Kurosawa-san said that they (TVXQ)’d danced Rising Sun 100s of times yet til the end, they dance well & their sincerity can be felt [cr: @kyoumo0206]
  • Bigeast chose White as their top MV because Yunho was very cute in his knit and refreshing + Changmin’s expression was very cute. White’s MV concept was to be recorded in the rec studio so it was done in one take. [cr: @kyoumo0206]
  • Kurosawa-san’s favourite point (about White): the way Yunho looked at Changmin with his clear and obsidian-like {t/n: it’s a black and shiny semi-precious stone} eyes and how Changmin seemed like he was too shy and refused to look back at Yunho no matter what but his face was all smiles. The song is also warm as Tohoshinki was natural in it, she really liked it [cr: @kyoumo0206]
  • Kurosawa-san said as she really liked Spinning, she’d wanted to sing it. Just nice, she’d an opportunity to film a CM at the MV site so  during filming, she’d secretly dance and sing to Spinning ㅋㅋㅋ [cr: @iruka0206]




This is how fast the counts were updating during the live  for those who missed it haha

[cr: @chizu0701]





As we indicated in the post above,
Post Written, Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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