[VID/Trans] 170727 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 2

Part 2 is up!




Tsutsumi-san (T): Well today… we requested Bigeasts to ask you questions. it was for two days – two limited days – we received 10,000 – 10,000 letters!
YH: What? 10,000!
T: Yes! It’s amazing.
YH: I can’t believe it!
T: You see, everyone was waiting for you to come back.
YH: Wow, I am so grateful to you all to have still interests in me. Hahaha
T: Hahaha, They only have interests in you.

T: The first question is, “Do you still remember Japanese?”
YH: Do you think my Japanese is still okay?
T: Hahaha
YH: Hahaha
T: The question is, “Is your Japanese still okay?/Can you speak/understand Japanese still?”
YH: To be honest with you, this is the first time that I speak Japanese at work.
T: Really?
YH: This is the first activity of Yunho (since completing his military duty) where I do in Japanese.
T: Wow, Bigeasts must be really happy to hear that.
YH: Actually, I am really nervous. I am not sure how my Japanese is. When I had some time, I looked around my fellow soldiers, but I could not find anyone who can speak Japanese well.
T: Oh I see. What you are saying is that there were not many people who can speak Japanese there.
YH: So what I did is, when I had time, I became their teacher and taught them some Japanese.
T: Oh, while you were teaching, you also learned..
YH: Yes. While I was teaching, I was also learning, like going over/reviewing (what I already knew)..I put some effort.
T: Wow, that is amazing! Can you say something in Japanese to Bigeasts?
YH: …
T: Well, Yunho-sensei (Yunho-teacher).. can you speak Japanese to Bigeasts?
YH: Okay. The Japanese words/phrases that I want to tell you are.. Nothing. Hahaha
T: Hahaha
YH: Why I said that is because..they (Bigeasts) speak much better Japanese than me! They speak better Japanese than me! Of course, they speak much better Japanese than me!
T: Absolutely! But..
T: Well, you could say that you are happy to see everyone now.. something along the line.
YH: Okay. First of all, I am very happy to see you all again.
T: They all had been waiting for you.
YH: Yes, I am very happy to see you all again. I also am very grateful to you all. However, well.. I have been saying this for a long time… Since everyone had been waiting for me until now, I will be.. I will become someone a lot better than I used to be.. I want to show you off someone like that.. I want to show you all of myself. That is something that I’ve longed to tell you.
T: Wow, you are amazing. I am sure that everyone is happy to hear that.
YH: I am afraid that right now.. my Japanese might have some errors here and there but.. I wanted to tell you all how I feel.. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am to you all..
T: I am so touched.. I think you made all of Bigeasts very happy.
YH: Thank you!
T: You are welcome.
YH: I am a bit embarrassed..
T: You should not be.. I think everyone had been waiting to hear that.

T: Okay, I will give you the second question.
T: The second question is, “What part of you has changed the most in these two years?”
YH: Hmmm.. changed.. Well.. I feel shy to tell you about it myself..
T: Go ahead!
YH: A Japanese word, “Kan-roku (Dignity, Importance, Presence, Eminence) just popped into my head.
T: Oh, Kan-roku! Yes, yes.
YH: Of course, I am the same at the fundamental level.. but as a person, Jung Yunho is not too tense anymore/Jung Yunho is comfortable in his own skin.
T: Oh, I understand.

T: Let’s go to the next question. The next question is, “Compared to two years ago and now, I believe that something has changed but something still remains the same.”
YH: Well. I believe that all of you are.. for me.. well how can I tell you…it is not just about love but this is something that we can keep improving .. that kind of existence. You are that kind of exsistent for me. That is what I wanted to tell you. I was able to see you again like this, I am truly happy.
T: I am sure that we all share the same feeling now. All staffs and all Bigeasts feel the same way. They all think that you look great/amazing. You look well and you laugh just like the way you used to do.
YH: You are right. I am very happy to see you again.

T: You said that you would return in “powered-up” version of Yunho. Can you please tell everyone how did you power-up?
YH: You remembered that?
T: Of course, we all remember.
YH: hmm. you all remembered.. well.. Physically, I am much more stronger than before and I also think that mentally I am getting tougher.
T: I see.

T: Well, you were discharged yesterday.
YH: Yes, I was.
T: What is the first thing that you want to do after being discharged?
YH: I actually asked the question to myself. Well. I really want to see you! The first thing that I want to do is to meet with you all.
T: Hahaha.. Did you hear that? See, it is what Yunho will say. We know that!
YH: It is true!
T: I know, I know. I know too well that you are telling the truth from the bottom of your heart.
YH: Yes
YH: I knew that all of you had been waiting for me for almost two years..
T: Yes, we all had been waiting for you.. It’s true. I had some opportunities to meet with some of Bigeasts. I also do Twitter. I also told staffs that I will go to see Yunho. Everyone asked me to tell you that.. if I really have a chance to see you.. please tell you their best regards and tell you, “Okaeri-na-sai (Welcome back!)”
YH: Truly… I can feel that right now..
T: Can you imagine? To the extent (everyone cares about YH and everyone has looking forward to seeing him).
YH: So I want to show you many different sides of me. I still want to do that.

“To be continued.”




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Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
Video Translation by @beriko0214: here or here,
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