[VID/Partial Trans] 170804 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 3

Part 3 is up~

Partially Translated:

  • Q: when you come to Japan, what will be the first thing you want to eat?
    Yunho: /thinks/ motsunabe! I really like it a lot!
  • Tsutsumi: so do you want to eat motsunabe with soy sauce or miso flavour?
    Yunho: I want to eat all but if I had to choose one, it would be the miso.
  • Tustsumi offers to reserve a place to treat him in congratulations for his discharge.
    Yunho: so can we go now?
    Tsutsumi:ㅋ you also have many schedules now
  • Tsutsumi: I have a lot of time
    Yunho: is that so? So let’s stop today and goㅋplease make time!
    Manager’s already racking his brains..his expression is turning stiffㅋ
  • Q: what is your most memorable place in Japan and where would you like to go in the future?
    Yunho:.. It’d have to be Sapporo’s snow
  • Yunho: I’ve the memory of while looking at the snow~ yah~ this is nice~ As I am the snow manㅋ I’ve also previously said my favourite season is winterㅋ
  • Yunho: so from now, my nickname will be Snow Manㅋ
  • Q: do you perhaps hum any Japan song unconsciously when you think of Japan?
    Yunho said when he’s a little excited, his pride will become stronger and he’d sing his own (Tohoshinki) songs~ amongst those: Easy Mind. He’d whistle it
  • Yunho tries to whistle it but fails the first timeㅋ
    Tsutsumi: Are you nervousㅋ
    (Yunho covers his mouth)
    Tsutsumi: don’t cover, bigeast want to see your mouthㅋㅋ
  • Because staff are laughing at Yunho pouting and trying to whistle- {p/n: Yunho:} don’t laughㅋㅋ
    and he finally manages it. ㅋㅋ
  • Yunho: friends around me think i’m a little weirdㅋbut I’m ok as the songs I sing are songs that have received a lot of love so I’ve proudly whistle them
  • Yunho:..the first Japanese thing I memorised today was 唇 (lips).
    Yunho: to whis..
    Tsutsumi: blow (to whistle). Yunho says it cutely.
    Tsutsumi: Cute! Yunho! Cute!ㅋㅋ
  • Yunho: Because I don’t know the difficult Japaneseㅋ
    Tsutsumi talks about how he also wants to study Korean after seeing TVXQ performance in Korea but it’s difficult. So he’s impressed that he’s can talk at such a pace (in Japanese) with TVXQ.
    Yunho: so should we start talking in Korean from now on? study!ㅋ






Bigeast Official Website,
Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
Video Partially Translated by @snxy: here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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