[Full Trans] 170804 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 3



T: First off, We got a lot of similar questios from Bigeasts.
“What do you want to eat as soon as you visit Japan next time?”
YH: Well… it is of course, ..I have been telling ppl about this whenever they ask me. It is Motsu-Nabe (a hot-pot dish with beef or polk tripes and other internal organs together with vegetables – like chinese chives, daicon and others in thick garlicky salty broth). I really want to eat it. [Motsu means tripes, tendons and other internal organs in Japanese, nabe means hot-pot dish)
T: You really like it, don’t you!? You love Motsu-nabe! w
YH: Yes, I really love it!
T: Do you like soy sauce-based broth or miso-based or salty soup-based? You want to eat all kinds of flavors?
YH: Yes, I do but among these flavors, if I can pick the one that I love the most, it is with miso-based broth.
T: oh, Miso!
YH: Yes, MIso!
T: Well, Yunho, I knew a really good restarant for yummy miso-based Motsu-Nabe. I will make a reservation for us. Lets go there together! It will be on me! This is to celebrate your come-back!
YH: Can we go there now?
T: hahaha. You do not have free time in your schedule right now.
YH: hahaha
T: I and others have time now.
YH:Really? Then I will cancel all the rest of my work schedule – appointments. I am leaving now.
T: hahaha
YH: Please give me some (free) time.
T: Look at your poor manager! He buried his heads in his hands (direct trans) = he looks totally perplexed.
YH: You are right. He gave me a stern look. hahaha
T: hahaha

T: Okay other question. “Which scenary of Japan is most impressive to you? or is there any place that you wish to visit?”
YH: Thanks to our live tour, we have traveled all over Japan. I remember snow in Sapporo (Hokkaido).
T: Oh, I see.
YH: When I saw snow there, I thought that it was really beautiful. I remember very well.
T: Sapporo.. Snow..
YH: Yes, I am a man of snow.
T: ? www A man of snow?
YH: Yes!
T: www
YH: Do not laugh at me!
T: A man of snow..
YH: Yes, a man of snow.. and because my most favorite season is winter!
T: Yes
YH: I have been saying this..
T: Yes, I knew.
YH: So from now on, my nick name is a man of snow.
T: hahaha
YH: hahaha

T: Okay. “sometimes do you think about Japan? or on occasion, do you sing Japanese songs? (while enlistment?)”
YH: ? hahaha
T: Have you sung some tune of Japanese songs while you were doing something?
YH: Yes.. when I was…
T: like sing to yourself?
YH: I am a bit weird.. I have too much self-esteem and.. what can i say? I love our songs very much!
T: really
YH: Among our songs, I love “Easy Mind” for example, and I had been whistling the tune all the time.
T: Can you whistle the tune for us a little?
YH: ><
T: Are you nervous? hahaha
YH: nervous
T: hahaha
T &YH: Hahahaha
YH: Wow, I am sooo bad.. hahahaha
T: Hahaha
T: Why are you covering your mouth?
T: I think all of us (Bigeasts) want to see how you do.. why are you covering your mouth?
YH: I am good at this..
T: Oh, Catch me!
YH: Yes
T: You whistle Catch me tune often?
YH: Yes, unconciously I do that.
T: wow
YH: Yes, I do that unconciously and my friends tell me that I am weird.
T: hahaha
T: They says that to you.
YH: Yes
YH: I love my song not because I sang it but people love the song so much..
T: Yes, you are right.
YH: with that thought in my mind, I blow?
T: Yes, you blow, whistle the tune.
YH: Yes I do.. while I whistle the tune, I want to tell you that everyone loves the song.
T: I see
YH: The new Japanese word that I learned today is Kuchi-biru (lips)
T: Kuchi-biru, lips?
YH: No, I knew that already. I mean Kuchi-bu-e (whistle) [kuchi=mouth/lips Bu-e (Fu-e) means flute]
T: Ah, Kuchi-bu-e
YH: Kuchi-bu-e wo he-ke -fu– ??
T: No, Kuchi-bu-e wo fu-ku (whistle a tune)
T: hahaha
YH: Its so difficult.
T: You are so cute, Yunho!
YH: hahaha
T: You are really a cute guy!
YH: I haven’t spoken Japanese for awhile.. I should study Japanese harder.
T: When I came to Korea and watched you on stage and Changmin was with you..and you spoke Korean.. so I started to study Korean a little bit.
YH: Really?
T: It is really difficult. Because it is so hard for me (to learn Korean), I am really impressed that Yunho and Changmin can communicate with me in Japanese and you guys keep up with this speed. I am and I was totally impressed.
YH: Thank you so much!
T: I also need to study Korean harder.
YH: Okay, from now on, we should communicate in Korean! hahaha
T: hahaha
T: Seriously, I should study Korean harder (he said 공부해요) so that we can do that.
YH: 공부해요 = to study
T: I will do that!
T: Okay now we need to move to a next question.
YH: yes

to be continued.




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Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
Video Full Translation by @beriko0214: here or here,
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