[VID/Trans] 170811 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 4 (FINAL)

Part 4 and the Final! let’s look forward to Changmin’s after his discharge ^^*



T: Well, Changmin..
YH: Yes
T: Changmin will be back pretty soon. I am sure that you two together will have a concert tour. Right? You will be touring, for sure. All of us, Bigeasts, staffs and I are very much looking forward to that!
YH: I am looking foward to that too!
T: Yeah and here is a question.
YH: Yes
T: Which song do you want to sing/perform on stage in Japan for the first time (after your enlistment)? That is the question.
YH: Hmmm… Well, it is really hard to pick one.
YH: To be honest, I want to sing a lot of songs. Well… I need to discuss with Changmin about that.
T: Hahaha
YH: Aha.. yes.. well..
T: Let me know what he says
YH: Oh I see. Are you doing okay?
T: What is he saying?
YH: Yes. Oh, I know that. I know! Yes, Okay.
T: What did he say?
YH: He did not say anything. hahaha
T: hahaha
T: I know that.. I know that he did not say anything. Because you did not (actually) call him.
YH: hahaha
YH: There are many different kinds of songs.
T: Yes, there are.
YH: Hmmm
T:What about the first song?
YH: The first song (opening song)? hahaha
T: Which one?
Y: It is a secret.
T: Oh, its a secret! Its a secret ;D
Y: Yes.
T: Well. I understand that you need to discuss with Changmin
Y: Yes, I need to discuss about it with Changmin, otherwise Changmin gets mad at me.
Y: Changmin is a leader of Tohoshinki.
T: Yes, the two of you need to pick the song.
Y: If we do not discuss, I will get in trouble later. But because I am selfish (wagamama), I will decide. hahaha.
T: hahaha
T: After all, Yunho will be the one deciding.
YH: well, well, well
T: I think you should discuss with Changmin to pick the first song. Everyone is really looking forward to that.

T: Yunho’s dance is really cool!
YH: Dance. are you only talking about dance here?
T: Your dance. and of course your singing… and your face and body .. I think everything about you is cool!
T: What are you trying to make me say!?
YH: Thank you so much!
T: Well, I truly think you are amazing.
T: Having said that.. is there a song that the two of you, you and Changmin .. both feel that it is really difficult to sing/perform? You must have it. I think all the songs are hard to perform but. is there a song that you feel particularly difficult to perform?
YH: All of our songs are hard to perform.
T: For example, Something
YH: Yes, Something is like that but for me, it is Why.
T: Ah~
YH: The song needs to be powerful. Keep your head down, also. And you may be surprised to hear this but ballad songs are hard to perform because I need to let audience feel my passion/my feelings. otherwise they don’t sound good. so..ballad songs as well. After all, all of Tohoshinki songs are hard to perform.
T: Yes they are difficult to perform.

T: Today I asked you a lot of questions but we have a lot more questions. I want to ask you more questions but your staffs are telling me that you have a next appointment.
YH: I do not think that I have any more after this.
T: Hahaha. You have it!
YH: Yes, I have.
YH: I want to talk to you more but .. well before you go, can you tell something to Bigeasts?
YH: Thank you so much for waiting for me until now. I feel a little bit frustrated about myself, right now too. Because you have waited for me so long, I should have been able to speak Japanese much better than this so that I could tell you how I really feel. But because I was too shy and nervous that I could not do that. So I am a bit upset about myself.
YH: For the period of time that you had to wait for me, to cover that.. or more than that.. i will do all my best, I will show you everything about me. Tohoshinki is just starting now. That is I wanted to tell you for sure. I have been really grateful to you all for that you had waited for me. Right now I am also really thankful. Many things might have been changed in these two years, but the feelings of you and Tohoshinki are united. From now on, its not only words, I want to actually show you about it. I want to become someone like that as Yunho of Tohoshinki.
T: Well. Everyone is truly looking forward to seeing you. Everyone was looking forward to seeing you. Yunho. Its true! Eveyone tells me, Please tell Yunho, Okaeri-nasai (Welcome back!) I tell them, sure. Please look after our Tohoshinki! something like that.
YH: Ah..
T: Its true.
YH: Okay. Lets go now! Lets go now!
T: Well well. This is it for now. Interview and Q&A with Yunho.
T: Thank you so much!
YH: Thank you so much!
T: I will be waiting for you.
YH: I am so happy to see you today.
T: Me too! Well, I initially thought. Wow, its Yunho.
YH: Same here. When I saw you, I was like Tsutsumi-san!?
YH&T: hahaha
T: What do you want me to do?
YH: When I say We are
T: I say T? Should we try now?
YH: Shall we?
T: We will make everyone happy!
T: This is the first We are T since you are back.
YH: I have been thinking about this for awhile.
T: Well, I am not Changmin. Is it okay?
YH: Its okay. Remember, I just gave him a call, he said okay.
T: hahaha
T: really?
T: I am counting on you, Yunho!
YH: Okay
YH: Lets do it.
YH: We are
YH&T: T!




Bigeast Official Website,
Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
Video Translation by @beriko0214: here or here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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