[TVXQ! Express] Our Precious Deer is Back!!! #WelcomeBackChangmin!! #Welcome_MAX!! 。゚(*´ ▽`)゚。


638 days since 2015/11/19… comes to an end today!

。゚(*´ ▽`)゚。

the wait is done!!

He’s back!


Today, Shim Changmin completes his 21 months service as a conscripted policeman!  He has served well and fulfilled his duties diligently~

Your C♡vely have been waiting for you patiently ㅠㅠ! Our precious deer (and a little shy♥) maknae is back!

♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥ Welcome back Changmin ♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥

Congratulations on your discharge!!
and just like your hyung, thank you so~ so~ much, for always making us feel super proud to be your fans!

More importantly, thank you so much for allowing this moment to be a reality. For allowing us to have you both come back now instead of two more years.. ㅠㅠ

Today, the “Toho-” and the “-Shinki” have finally reunited!!!


♥🍓♥🍑♥🍓♥ Welcome back TVXQ! ♥🍑♥🍓♥🍑♥


Our superstars, now that both of you have completed your service, let the TVXQ train charge twice as strong and as fast!

Let’s travel together to new grounds and explore new skies! We can’t wait to see what awesome adventures you have in store for us~

☆Cassiopeia and Bigeasts will always be here for you☆



We are T-ing, always, and for as long as you wish,

TVXQ! Express

p.s. our TVXQ is complete now, finally!! please consider helping us out and joining our team! let’s make this train catch up with them and their explosive energy  (for more click here)



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