[VID/Partial Trans] 170920 TVXQ! First Ever V LIVE ♥️♥️!!


Today on 6PM(KST) TVXQ! 1st V LIVE was broadcast! Our boys looked so good and lovely in their casual clothes ♥️! They seemed happy and excited to see us > w <! and we hit 10 million hearts right after the broadcast ended > w <)b

Both mentioned that they have visited each other’s solo MV sets ♥️♥️!

Yunho’s Drop is coming out on 9/25, while Changmin’s In a Different Life on 9/28~

If you missed it, you can replay the live broadcast: here (it has partially translated English captions!) |EDIT: official sub is complete now!|

and you can download it by copying its link and pasting it in websites like savieo (where you can also download the subfile)

Partial Translations:


Translated by @aminotvxq:

  • YH : I used to feel less self-confident, but one day CM cacaotalked and said “You don’t need to feel so bec you gorgeous! u’re uknow yunho!”
    CM “Show people why you’re uknow yunho!!”
  • Fan : You will be more used to V-live!
    CM : We don’t NEED to be so…. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • CM : I did absolutely no makeup
    YH : I applied some sunscreen and base makeup but didn’t do my hair!
  • What is your new habit?
    YH : I started drinking americano
    CM : I read more and more books lately
  • CM : We’d never had a peaceful day (because of work)!
    YH : We have to because we shouldn’t be forgotten!
  • CM : staffs are now embarrassed, since we now look TOO natural and they didn’t expect this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We might look even pathetic ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • CM & YH : We’re too shy but we think about our fans so much!!
  • CM : We worked so hard like a cattle plowing a field ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Q : Who is the last person who leaved a missed call?
    CM : Siwon has called me continuously lately, he looks so lonely
  • YH : I used not to drink americano… I only drank ice choco. Before the enlistment I started drinking americano and opened my eyes for it!
  • YH : We have several TV shows to go, one of them was 《Happy Together》
  • CM’s mom : Thank you for being born as a friend of Siwon, my son!!!
  • YH : This is only the beginning of TVXQ!
    CM : Is there always beginning only? There should be some ends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • CM : I hate being spotlighted as much as I hate dying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • YH : CM has read so many books lately.
    CM : I have to learn what the ‘4th industrial revolution’ is!!
    YH : Okay, okay
  • YH : I opened my eyes for americano!
    CM : Finally you became an adult 🙂
  • YH : (reads comments) “oppa looks so young”!!
    CM : Don’t be deceived by such comments ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ





(Live stream and several news posts), Translated by @snxy:

  • TVXQ taking about their upcoming sm station songs / Yunho also mentioned his drama cameo / upcoming Japan tour
  • Q) newly developed habits
    Yunho: new habit of drinking anericano (was childish and drank ice choco before army) : can drink black coffee
    Changmin: reading books, reading news.
    Yunho: i talked about americano/coffee 🤣🤣
  • Yunho: i’ve become an adult
    Changmin: that’s great hyung 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Q: how they feel about the comeback live
    Changmin: it’s really good. missed fans, appreciated performing with yunho hyung. ike interacting with fans like this
    Yunho: along time since met fans. Prepared various things. Said this all the time but tvxq is starting from now.
    Changmin: we’re always starting
  • Changmin saying his mum really likes siwon+Yunho // while putting his hands on Yunho’s leg // saying she said thanks to him (for knowing them)
    Yunho to Changmin’s mother: i love you too, mother (they’ll address each other’s parents as our father/mother too)
  • Changmin saying he wanted to take it easy after seeing Yunho practise hard for Drop wwww so watched the sunset
  • Yunho drove all the way to the set of Changmin’s MV (for 여정 in a different life) to watch him
  • Yunho pronounced app as yep and changmin said yep app yep 🤣🤣🤣 yep app yep app 🤣🤣🤣
  • Yunho: oppa you look so young (english) and he’s so happy and changmin’s like don’t be so happy abt it
  • TVXQ introduced themselves as singers that are constantly growing.
    Yunho: today, let’s show them our most natural selves.
    Changmin: this is the 14th year since our debut. Although we might be considered old (past) growing..
    Yunho interrupts: no, we are singers that are constantly growing.
    Changmin: wouldn’t it good if (people) wouldn’t think of us as old (past) artistes.
    Yunho: we are singers that are always growing.
    It was disclosed that Changmin wasn’t wearing make-up in order to have a “natural broadcast”
    Changmin (to Yunho): while it’s good to show a natural/not made-up appearance, didn’t you return from the shop?
    Changmin: the staff are flustered (rousing laughter at their awkwardness on their first broadcast)
    Yunho: at first we were very nervous about what we should show. In order to show a natural appearance, we came (with a) rough (un-made-up) (appearance).
  • On answer to a question received about a change in habits:
    Yunho: after returning from the army, a different aspect is that actually I had the tastes of an elementary student. I didn’t drink coffee and only had ice chocolate. However without knowing why, as it is fattening and I wanted to become an adult, from the time the army, I started to drink americano. As I drank it, I got used to it. So now I’m an adult.
    Changmin: you’ve become an adult at thirty.
  • Yunho: recently, I have really been busy. In a little bit, we will each be greeting fans through SM station. That’s why we have filming out music videos and doing other activities. As I have returned from the army, I felt I had to live diligently.
    Changmin has recently been reading a lot of books in order to catch up with a rapidly-changing world.
    Yunho: Changmin has really been reading a lot.
    Changmin, holding up a 4 on his hand, talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution {t/n: considered as the digital information revolution} being scary. He had goosebumps when AlphaGo (a supercomputer) won Baduk {t/n: AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol the 18-time world champion in March 2016 in 3/4 games}
  • Yunho: as we don’t use SNS, it is awkward for us to interact via things like V-line. (laughs)
    Changmin: fans though we would not do such live streams. So I think they are really happy.
    TVXQ: we wanted to speak with fans (in such a) everyday manner. In the future, there could be more of such opportunities.
  • Before the stream started, fans had left comments saying “we have waited” and upon reading, Yunho said “I have also waited”
  • Changmin: there could be regular (casual) conversation but I really missed the interaction time together with fans during live shows. He said while watching broadcasts, he felt that variety was fun, and he wanted to appear on them.
  • On the question of them appearing on variety after a long time and what would be different,
    Yunho: we shot at KBS2 TV’s Happy Together 3 not too long ago. During that time, when he met the comedian Yoo Jaesuk for the first time in a long time, he said he (Yoo) complimented them saying “were you all originally this fun? What has changed?”
    Changmin: we should not be saying that, and was trying (jokingly) to dissuade Yunho saying “I’m always worrying. We aren’t fun”, arousing laughter.
  • On the question of who was their most recent unanswered phone call:
    Changmin: I recently had a call from Siwon. Siwon has recently been hard at work filming his drama. Although he’s busy, he obstinately/still calls”, arousing laughter. “Siwon is really good. My mother told me before “really thank you for getting a friend like Siwon” he later mentions his mother also likes Yunho a lot at which Yunho said I love you too, (to Changmin’s mother)
  • Changmin on missing Siwon’s call, saying he has been calling him often.
    Yunho: Siwon also calls me often. I think he is feeling very lonely 🤣
    Changmin disclosed his mother’s gratitude for him having Siwon and Yunho as friends.
    Yunho: I love you, Changmin’s mother.
  • Before the stream started, there were already more than 6 million hearts left and over 30,000 viewers watching.
  • Yunho saves Changmin as “Our Changminnie” and Changmin saves Yunho as “Yunho hyung” in their phones. Changmin’s formal way of saving Yunho’s contact as such, aroused laughter.
  • Mentioning Yoo Jaesuk’s comment to them: were you all originally this fun? It seems you all have become a bit more comfortable in communicating. Yunho disclosed that Yoo Jaesuk also said it would be good if they appeared in variety often.
  • They promised to have more of such interactive time through things like V-live app with fans.
  • Yunho revealed that he was thankful to Changmin: actually, for a few months, there was a time where I was feeling low in self-esteem. However, as I tend to be outgoing, people were not aware. But just then, Changmin contacted me. He wrote in a message “Hyung, what’s there to be regretful about. Hyung is really an outstanding person. Show all those people why you’re outstanding.”
    Changmin: there was no need to have low self-esteem. Why this is so is because hyung is U-Know Yunho.
  • On cheering Yunho on:
    Changmin: He has become the “big U-Know Yunho 大유노윤호) I think his self-esteem has become really high. 🤣
  • Changmin explaining why he saved Yunho as Yunho hyung in his phone and not a nickname: As I’m really playful/jokester, I was worried that I would thoughtlessly make hyung sulky/upset, so I saved him as “Yunho hyung”. As part of “family”, even more so I cannot thoughtlessly play jokes.
  • TVXQ having debuted for 14 years held their first V-live broadcast today.
    Changmin: actually, although we can’t express well, we really missed our fans. Although we also missed being on variety, music broadcasts, we missed the love of fans the most. Even though we’d be seeing (fans) at our shows, it’s nice to be able to see them through today’s broadcast.
    Yunho: we have thought a lot about fans. But as we are shy, it’s just that we are unable to express it well.Yunho mentioned he’d also like to do a mokbang (eating show) & that Changmin likes eating through V-app in the future too.
  • Changmin mentioned being thankful to Yunho for visiting the set of his music video (for 여정 In a Different Life): I told him not to come but he insisted that he would so he came. As it was the last shoot, he said he would bring coffee so we were not to go anywhere. 30 of us who were waiting for the coffee, waited an hour.”🤣 although the last shoot was already delayed, because of Yunho, it was even more delayed. 🤣 Yunho said he paid for the coffee with his own card and not the company card and that he did not even get to see Changmin film.
  • Yunho wasn’t sure if he could mention the brand (of the hair product he was using on air) super cute. (He was using Elastine) [cr: cut via @TV2XQminnie]
  • Yunho (holding container of questions): there’s many of them
    Changmin: No, Even to the eye, there aren’t more than 7 [cr: cut via @jinjinjara_0]







Our boys’s V live news article on naver main


We have hit 10million hearts just after the live ended ^^*

[cr: @snxy]


TVXQ trending on korean twitter~

[cr: @snxy]


Yunho’s sweater is from DOMINANT, DOMINANT BASIC HOODIE GREY for ₩ 66,310

[cr: gvg via @tv2xqmocha]


The book that Changmin is reading “Je Pense Trop (I Think Too Much) by Christel Petitcollin (managing one’s thoughts)


[cr: via @0206yhken and @snxy]







As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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