[VID] 170928 [STATION] #MAX Changmin 최강창민 #여정 (#InADifferentLife) Music Video is Released!

Changmin’s In a Different Life MV and song has been released!! Below are links to the music videos~



Watch the music video at:

  • Official SMTOWN naver Channel: here.
    Please comment and like using your naver account (you can sign up using your Line/Facebook accounts)
  • V live: here.
    Please comment and give lots of hearts using your v (you can easily make it using either of your naver/line/facebook/twitter accounts)
  • YouTube: (coming soon)

Please remember to comment and like the video, and no re-uploads!

Also, for effective streaming on these platforms (via @snxy):

  1. please play the full videos without muting it on the website (you could mute it from computer setting, though).
  2. Don’t watch in private/incognito browser.
  3. In addition, when you make a streaming playlist for YouTube, do not put the same song (Yunho’s or Changmin’s) twice. Insert some other TVXQ! between them.
  4. Clear history/cache and close the browser after the streaming session.

(Note: remember to like/share/rt official SNS posts of MV: Twitter | Facebook | TVXQ InstagramInstagram)



SMTOWN naver: here and SMTown Station Instagram: here,
and as indicated above,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express



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