[VID/Partial Trans] 170928 TVXQ! X EATING SHOW V LIVE ♥️!!


Today on 10PM(KST) TVXQ! had their first mukbang show, on V LIVE ! We managed to give them about 10.9M hearts during the show with about 137K views! The boys saw it and where happy > w <!!
Thanks to all those who participated, and let’s keep sending it hearts ^^*



If you missed it, you should be able to replay it soon: here  (it may have partially-translated English captions at the moment) unless they re-upload it somewhere else. |EDIT: the captions are not available now, but hopefully they will put it back with a fully-translated one~ ! |

Here some fan-recorded clips of the show:

TVXQ feeding each other ♥️

[cr: @U_Know8226: here]


Changmin taking care of Yunho~

[cr: @Y206T218C: here]

and water haha

[cr: @BambitoRjn: here]

Changmin and Yunho’s recorded messages!


[cr: @banbimax218: here and here]

Partial Translations:


Translated by @aminotvxq:

  • Yunho : 눕방(Sleeping show) doesn’t suit me because I sleep right away ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Y : I often eat something at night
    C : It will shorten your lifespan ㅎㄴㅎ;;;;
  • Y : I thought, “why are there two cow plushes here?”
    C : So cruel… these staffs are so cruel! (to cows) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Y : Octopuses are so good!
    C : Good for whom?
    Y : To men!
    C : (persistently) Specifically, for which part of a man?
    Y : Their….. spirit!!
    {t/n: *Octupus -> abalone

  • Changmin : I basically try to eat every food that is known to be good for people’s health!
  • Y : This dishes reminds me of ‘the last communion’!
    C : The last… what? You’re talking about ‘the Last Supper’ right?
  • About 혼밥(eating meals alone)
    Yunho : I’m not good at it.
    Changmin : I’m so good at it.
  • Yunho : I don’t like eating meals alone because it reminds me of the past like 16 years back before the debut. I felt sad eating alone.
  • Yunho : I take what other people say just as they say
    Changmin : I don’t believe what other people say that much…ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Changmin : I observed him dancing to the new song 《Drop》 and the song goes really well with Yunho!
  • Changmin : My bronchi are weak ㅠㅠ I suffer from allergy ㅠㅠ
  • Yunho : I casted the female dancers myself for the 《Drop》 MV, I wanted it to be more sexy 🙂
  • About that he pronounced ‘맛있는’ as ‘마딛는’ on 《Hug》
    Changmin : Ugh, ‘마딛는’ was such a MEAN, NARROW-MINDED, and FLIRTATIOUS word!
  • Changmin : These days I enjoy cooking & eating white-radish soup. I heard that it’s good for my bronchi 🙂
  • Yunho : Changmin isn’t cold-hearted!
    Changmin : Instead I’m so icy.
  • Changmin : Every time I try to cook my meals. When I become 40~50s, I want to cook them for my children as a dad.
  • Changmin : Yunho, your grill is constantly burning, burning just like its owner! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Yunho : I eat 짜장면 only when I have serious decisions to make. Once I’m lost in my thought, that keeps me from eating for a day and a half.
  • The wink scene on 《Hug》
    Yunho : I didn’t come up with that. The director asked me to do whatever aegyo I can do bec I looked too stiff ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Yunho : It is very important who you eat with. I’m eating with my bestfriend & brother Choigang Changmin! 🙂
  • Y : When I look at Changmin dancing, it’s so amazing. I’m inspired by that.
    C : Oh Please stop getting inspired too often ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Changmin : SM Ent. is like “Please take enough rest” at the same time saying “revise the lyrics (you wrote)” Am I really allowed to rest?ㅋㅋㅋ






Translated by @snxy:

  • changmin suggested a 눕방 “lying down show” but yunho doesn’t like it (issit because it’s impolite??) hahahah. [cr: @0206yhken]
  • Yunho: beef tenderloin and beef sirloin~~~ (prob eating bbq style)
  • Changmin happy cause there’s expensive beef but Yunho is surprised [cr: @0206yhken]
  • lol changmin said yunho hyung is working hard dieting and exercising currently. and saying beef is good. hahah.
  • both of them were going down a different track while talking about the benefits of eating and then yunho was like OK STOP hahahah
  • yunho described changmin as
  • Yunho said including eating delicious food, the company is also important so changmin asked who he would want to be with – so yunho answered
  • yunho raving about changmin’s siong and MV for journey. yes. what did you expect from dongsaeng-pabo
  • yunho saying the PD said she was a cassiopeia.
    changmin: but she may just be saying that (tho not true).
    y: i will believe what she said
  • changmin now raving about yunho’s drop. saying he really enjoys himself on stage and drop really fits him
  • yunho saying changmin is always supporting him from the back.
    y: changmin dances well so i’m inspired to work hard.
  • Yunho says the food is hot 🤣🤣🤣
  • yunho said that in the past, during hard times he felt sad when he was alone, so he doesn’t like to eat alone now as it reminds him of that
  • He would video call with friends if he has to eat alone now ㅜㅜ
  • Changmin makes ramen, mandoo, eats cheese with wine, has been cooking (since he lives alone)
    Yunho: changmin cooks well
  • Yunho i also eat chicken esp at night. Says he eats a lot / likes fried chicken. Grilled chicken and marinated chicken
  • Yunho recommending using the leftover seasoning from the marinated chicken and eat it with rice. Says we might like it
  • milk and plain yogurt or dip in yoplait. sweet potato from convenience store. (cause yunho doesn’t like processed foods and is watching diet)
  • the “collaboration” food that Yunho said he ate a lot of in the army. (spicy chicken fried noodle ramen x jjajangmyeon)

    [cr: @0206yhken]
  • food choice:
    Bread Or Rice?
  • jjajangmyeong or jjambbong
    TWINSHINKI: jjajangmyeon
    Yunho: whoa
    TVXQ: /ifives each other/
  • Ramen or pasta 1-2-3
  • Yunho recommending dropping few drops of milk in ramen www so excited when talking about ramen

  • TVXQ wanted to take the video call shot together but they said separately.. WHY PDs~!!!!!
  • Changmin saying please exercise tomorrow (run as much as you’re eating) cause of the eating tonight.
  • yunho: since company is important, let’s eat this together (OMG HE IS AEGYOING) about eating mushroom together
  • cause yunho’s meat is burnt so changmin gave him some of his eat
  • Yunho about why he doesn’t like to eat alone: when he was younger (16,17) while prepping for debut, he skipped meals so he’d be reminded of that [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]
  • don’t download the VLIVE. yunho mentioned at the end to take note of the re-run. so seems like VAPP will re-run. keep the hearts+views for it! [cr: @UltraTVXQ]
  • Yunho: it’s good for men
    Changmin: which part
    Y: For men’s vitality. they’d be able to do this and that. /like.. this and that w HAT/
    Yunho: everything. you have to think before you speak. /laughs/
    C: /laughs/ it’s good for men’s stamina ! what do you mean think before you speak [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]
  • On DROP reactions <Yunho oppa was so sexy I cried>
    Changmin: those who watched my MV might say oppa you looked so free, i cried as i was sad. [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]
  • Yunho: What would be coming next in 2 days?
    Changmin: It’d just be Saturday and Sunday
    Y: Ah, yes that’d be it.
    ww [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]
  • The new words Yunho learnt today:
    1) 팩트폭력배 Feed(back) gangster (person who speaks frankly, to the point)
    2) 영통 (short form of Video-call) [cr: @0206yhken]
  • Yunho: if there’s a separation, also way of having a new start. look fwd to a new encounter.
    Changmin: for how long wold yoi only be starting
    Yunho: My life is constantly in ~ing
    Changmin: Songsaengnim (teacher), there is also a need to refrain a little from starting [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]
  • Changmin: as i never take hyung’s words in the wrong light, fans don’t misunderstand, argue, don’t do that.I really dislike arguing, fighting, conflict, confrontation (Yunho: he’s a pacifist). I really dislike fighting! Right now, I am very happy. [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]
  • Yunho’s video call messag: when eating, isn’t it important who you eat with? today, would you want to eat like this with me? it’s not meat, as you may see, it’s a mushroom. mushrooms are good for your body. (cm: meat=gain weight) shall we eat this tog? anyway you have no choice but to eat.come..ah.. [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]
  • Changmin’s late-night snacks: ramen,wine+cheese,baek jongwon’s recipes (Yunho: CM cooks well. TVXQ’s Baek Jongwon) I often eat radish soup
    Yunho’s late-night snacks: fried chicken, roasted chicken, marinated spicy chicken, jjajangmyeon when stressed

    [cr: @ryuda_t]
  • Fan noticed that as Yunho’s mouth is small, Changmin would cut the meat up into smaller pieces (4 times) while he himself ate pieces cut 3x [cr: @kyoumo0206]
  • (hearts > 10mil)
    Changmin: 10mil is a really outstanding figure
    Y: our conversation is filled with spirit
    C: We really put our soul in and spoke [cr: @tvxqyoonmin]



More from OSEN via naver translated by @snxy: (here)

On preparing for the mukbang- Changmin: I don’t know at all how the mental state of someone would be, to watch someone else eating.” Yunho: They would also be eating deliciously.

The “Eating Together” rule is that the broadcast would finish when they ate all the items. If there was remaining food, they would have to carry out a mission. The menu items were beef tenderloin and beef chuck (the shoulder area?)

On the menu items, they expressed satisfaction. Changmin: hyung’s been managing his weight nowadays, so it’s good that there’s meat.

They concentrated on grilling their meat themselves for 3 minutes without saying anything. They also gave each other lettuce leaves, showing their affectionate sides. (t/n: the article literally states that 두 사람은 서로에게 쌈도 싸주면서 다정한 모습을 보여줬다

Yunho revealed his affection for Changmin, saying: “The company when eating is important. It’s even nicer since I am eating with my best friend, my family member, (t/n: he mentioned ‘brother’ too), Choikang Changmin. 유노윤호는 함께 먹방을 하는 최강창민에 대한 애정을 드러냈다. 유노윤호는 “누구랑 같이 먹는지가 중요하다. 지금 베스트 프렌드이자 가족인 최강창민과 먹고 있어 더 좋다”고 말했다.

Yunho shared that he rather not eat alone, saying that “I had skipped many meals during my hard times 16 years ago. Therefore, when I am by myself and thinking about what to eat, I feel sad. Hence, I don’t eat alone, and I would video-call while eating.”

Changmin had released “Journey” today (t/n: 여정 In A Different Life – his solo track): When I visited U-Know Yunho hyung’s music video filming site, it looked like it was very tough to film. Therefore, I thought that I wouldn’t film like this. *It was tough to be seated and lying down. * (t/n: * I can’t remember when he said this or whether he was referring to himself or Yunho’s MV or if joking and so on but the article states it.) 최강창민은 오늘 ‘여정’을 발매했다. 최강창민은 “유노윤호 형의 뮤직비디오 촬영을 보니까 너무 힘들게 찍더라. 그래서 나는 저렇게 찍지 않아야 겠다고 생각했다. 너무 앉아있고, 누워있어서 힘들었다”고 솔직하게 말했다.

Yunho: When I see Choikang Changmin dancing, I am very inspired and feel that I have to work harder.
Changmin: If you could stop getting inspired, that would be good. 유노윤호와 최강창민은 서로에 대한 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다. 유노윤호는 “최강창민이 춤을 추는 것을 보고 제가 너무 많이 자극받고 더 열심히 해야겠다고 생각한다”고 말했다. 이에 최강창민은 “그만 자극 받았으면 좋겠다”고 덧붙였다.

Changmin on the context behind the lyrics for Journey: After I was discharged, the company told me to revise the lyrics while on break. The company used me like a mule (i.e. made him work hard ) While thinking of fans, the time when I wrote the lyrics, was a break for me.”
최강창민은 ‘여정’의 작사에 얽힌 사연을 전했다. 최강창민은 “전역 후에 회사가 저에게 휴가를 주면서 가사를 수정하라고 말했다”며 “회사에서 저를 소처럼 부려먹는다. 팬들을 생각하면서 가사를 쓰는 순간이 저에게는 휴가다”라고 말했다.

When speaking about Hug-
Yunho: I did not have plastic surgery. My tooth was done well so I became like this. (t/n: Yunho had a snaggletooth before he had veneers implanted 유노윤호와 최강창민은 데뷔곡인 ‘허그’를 떠올리면
서 추억을 나누기도 했다. 유노윤호는 “성형을 하지 않았다”며 “치아를 잘해서 이렇게 됐다”고 해명하기도 했다.

TVXQ spoke about their upcoming activities: variety programme, music shows, drama, Japanese tour. Meloholic would be airing on November 6th. 동방신기는 활발한 활동을 예고했다. 예능과 음악방송 그리고 드라마와 일본 돔투어까지 활발한 활동이 예고됐다. 유노윤호는 경수진과 호흡을 맞춘 ‘멜로홀릭’이 오는 11월 6일에 처음 방송된다.

Changmin said he learnt cooking from watching (celebrity chef) Baek Jongwon’s show. Changmin: I eat radish soup often. It’s good for my bronchial tubes (t/n: they carry air to the lungs), and Baek Jongwon-nim’s explanations are kind (easy to understand) so it’s good. Though it’s good, I don’t know if there’s a need for me to appear on that programme. (t/n: if I recall correctly, Yunho then suggested that he appear on it that’s why he said the last part) 최강창민은 백종원을 보면서 요리를 배운다고 말했다. 최강창민은 “무국을 자주 해먹는다. 기관지에게도 좋고 백종원 님께서 설명을 친절하게 잘해주셔서 좋다. 좋아한다고 해서 그 프로그램에 나가야 할 필요가 있나 모르겠다”고 밝히기도 했다.

Yunho’s favourite late-night snack is chicken – he likes eating rice that is mixed using the sauce from the marinated spicy chicken. He explained: he likes going into chicken shops without information, and ordering chicken to eat. 유노윤호가 사랑한 야식은 치킨이었다. 유노윤호는 양념통닭 양념에 밥을 비벼먹을 정도로 치킨을 사랑했다. 그는 “정보없이 치킨집에 들어가서 시켜 먹는 것을 좋아한다”고 설명했다.

Changmin’s favourite food is Sapporo’s hairy crab. Yunho recommended Japan’s motsunabe (offal hotpot) They both ate ramen mixed with other things in the army. 최강창민이 좋아하는 음식은 삿포로 털게. 유노윤호는 일본의 곱창전골인 모츠나베를 추천했다. 두 사람은 군대에서 라면을 섞어 먹었던 추억을 떠올렸다.

Yunho said he would go to the convenience store and buy dried sweet potato and dried chestnuts. He recommended eating them with milk and plain yogurt as they were delicious.
유노윤호와 최강창민의 음식 토크는 끝이 없었다. 몸관리 중인 유노윤호는 편의점 음식 중에서 고구마 말랭이와 밤 말린 것을 우유와 플레인 요거트에 찍어먹으면 맛있다고 추천했다.

TVXQ’s tastes in food are similar. They both prefer rice and jjajangmyeon. Yunho: From young, on important days, I would eat jjajangmyeong.” He said, “normally, I think a lot. So when I am concentrating on something, I can even go without eating for a couple of days. During those times, Other than memories of eating jjajangmyeon during times like that, I can’t think of anything else.” 동방신기의 음식 취향은 비슷했다. 두 사람 모두 밥과 자장면을 선호했다. 유노윤호는 “어린 시절부터 중요한 날에 자장면을 먹었다”며 “평소에 생각이 많다. 그래서 생각에 집중하면 이틀정도 아무것도 먹지 않을 때도 있다. 그럴 때마다 자장면을 시켜먹었던 기억밖에 나지 않는다”고 말했다.

Changmin’s video message to fans consisted of : if they ate late-night snacks, they should go and exercise. Yunho’s was idol-like as he gave a cringey ment. (i.e. he said it in an aegyo/acting cute way) 최강창민은 팬들에게 보내는 영상통화짤을 통해서 야식을 먹었으면 운동을 하라고 메시지를 보냈다. 유노윤호는 아이돌 답게 오글거리는 멘트를 이어갔다.

To end, Yunho: I don’t know if this (VLIVE) is the last. We will be greeting you with even nicer items. 끝으로 최강창민과 유노윤호는 새로운 아이템으로 인사드리겠다고 말했다. 유노윤호는 “이게 마지막이 될지도 모르겠다. 더 좋은 아이템으로 인사드리겠다”고 인사를 전하며 방송을 마무리 했다.






Our boys’s V live news article (here) again on naver main

[cr: @UltraTVXQ]




The broadcast ended with about 10.0M hearts with 137k views!





This is the cooking show by celebrity chef, Baek Jongwon’s Home Food Rescue that Changmin mentioned that he’s been trying recipes from

[cr: @0206yhken via @snxy]




As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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