[VID/Trans] 171004 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 2

How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~ part.2!


“How to TOHOSHINKI” Changmin Part 2

T: Okay, I will give you the first question.
T: What do you want to eat first in Japan? So you had a press conference in Korea, then came to Japan and you also did press conference. I know your schedule is pretty tight but did you eat something in Japan?
CM: Well, it has been only three hours since we arrived in Tokyo.. see its real time story.
T: Yes, true. How many days has passed since you came back?
CM: 3 days
T: 3 days. So its only three days and three hours in Japan. I assume that you have not eaten any Japanese food.
CM: No, not really.
T: Okay, then. I am curious what you want to eat in Japan first?
CM: Well, today it is almost end of the day, near midnight, so I should not eat anything heavy.. but today is the first time in two years that I can eat Japanese food.. and I want to have something light tonight..
T: Okay, what do you really want to eat, Changmin? Which food does pop up first in your brain?
CM: Well, I really think… J-pop artists.. When we go to a ramen restaurant, the BGM.. radio or CD.. I love not too quiet place but I love noisy place.
T: Oh, I see.
CM: and the waiters say loudly, “Welcome!” “XX ramen one order!” I miss those sounds..
T: You like that kinda noisy/lively atmosphere.
CM: Yes, I really want to eat ramen.
T: Ramen!
CM: I really love ramen.
T: What kind of ramen do you want to order, Changmin?
CM: Well.. I think..
T: You have many choices, tonkotsu (pork bone), sho-yu, miso and sio (salt) – soup based, or chashu (JPN BBQ pork)-topping..
CM: It does not really matter what kind it is.. Every kind is great.. but I guess I like tonkotsu or miso-based… and together with beer which makes me feel refreshed.
T: hahaha Okay you want to enjoy your bowl of ramen with draft beer.
CM: Yes, yes, yes.
T: ramen
CM: That is the best combination!
T: Do you want to have chashu topping? Chashu.
CM: Yes, chashu and also nori (seeweed).
T: Oh Nori too.
T: Oh, then you want to have some egg? Ni-tamago? Ni-tamago = boiled egg that are cooked with soy sauce and sugar/mirin.
CM: Ah~ also memma.. Memma = Chinese bamboo shoots that have been dried, soaked in water and then seasoned for use in cooking
T: Memma
CM: and a half-boiled egg.
CM: Oh, I want to order gyoza (potsticker) too!
T: Okay, we will order ramen, beer and gyoza!
CM: It has been only three days since returned to this society/world.. and right now I just want to eat..

T: Okay the second question. Is there any place in Japan that you want to visit now?
CM: Well.. let me think.
T: Is there any place that just popped up in your head?
CM: Of course, no matter what.. where I want to go to, is the live stage, right?
T: You are right.
CM: But that is too predictable and not interesting.
T: I see. Of course all of fans knew that the two of you, TOHOSHINKI and Changmin is talking honestly from the bottom of your heart. I think we want to know about your private.
CM: I understand.
T: Okay
CM: Well, that one.. we went there at work.. I do not remember well. I am not too sure. I want to go there where the tallest place, taller than the Tokyo tower. Sky..
T: Sky tree.
CM: Sky tree in Tokyo.
CM: Had we been there yet?
T: Had they? Sky tree?
CM: Well…
T: No? Not yet?
CM: We have not been there yet.
CM: and I want to go there.
T: Sky tree is really a nice place. Its amazing!
CM: Have you been there?
T: Yes. You can see Sky tree from anywhere. You get great view from there.
CM: Yes, yes.
T: Please go there when you find time.
CM: Yes, I will try. And after going there, I will have ramen.
T: Ramen www That is a great schedule/plan!
CM: That will be the best.
T: That will be the best.
T: Oh, change of subject. But recently Bigeasts call me ‘Tsutsu-min”. Chang-min and Tsutsu-min.. see people are grinning..
CM: Stop that! Hahaha
T: People are teasing us.
CM: Please do not go further from here
T: You stop it too
T: Thank you so much for saying that you wanted to meet Tsutsumi at Gold mission.
CM: What? Did I say that?
T: You did!
CM: I do not remember.
T: hahaha, did you hear “Changmin says”? Thank you so much!
CM: Thank you!





Bigeast Official Website,
Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
Video Translation by @beriko0214: here or here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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