[Trans] 171011 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 3

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How to Changmin Part3 2017/10/11

T: I have more questions to you from Bigeasts.
T: Can you tell me about the part of you.. that you think you have changed in these two years, whereas the other part that you have not changed at all in these two years?
CM: Hmmm
T: Well, your appearance or your inner self, or both?
CM: About my appearance, when you get older, you get some wrinkles.. you can’t stop that.
T: Of course.
CM: Well, the part that I have not changed much is .. well I feel a bit awkward to tell you about it myself, I think I have kept my childishness, my child-like mentality ..
T: You mean the sprit of you when you were young?
CM: Yes, child-like sprit (Dou-shin: child heart)
T: Yes, dou-shin..
CM: I feel that I haven’t changed much.
T: At that time, when you were young..
CM: Yes, and I do not want to grow up. I think these part that I haven’t changed much.
CM: On the other hand, where I have changed is..I think that I talked about this at the press conference a little while ago.. those people who have stayed with me.. I feel that they are really important to me. I am not granted to have them with me around.. I really realized that. I felt that I need to be grateful to them for being such important existence to me. Me feeling this way.. I need to be grateful to them.. I think that I have changed.
T: I think you had a really great two years to think over something like that.
CM: Tsutsumi-san is still here with me and you treat me the way you did two years ago… well two years ago, I said that we should not be joking around.
T: Hahaha. I remember that you said something like that at gold mission.
CM: I did. I can’t promise you that I won’t say so anymore. Perhaps if we have another opportunity (like gold mission), most likely I will say so.
T: Hahaha. No problem! It is my job to take care of you.
CM: But I must say that I am really grateful to you for being here with me now.
T: Same here. Thank you so very much!
CM: Having said that. I really do not want you to dress like that.
T: Hahaha

T: I have a lot more questions. Have you discovered something new in you?
CM: Discovery?
T: Yes, you’ve just discovered that you have this (new) side of you.
CM: A new side of me? Oh,
CM: To my fans, it may be not so interesting.
T: I think it will be interesting to them..
CM: These days, I like reading books or newspapers, and watching news programs. Also, I used to be lazy not to keep a diary, but I am keeping my diary/journal now. Something not too special but I do my best to keep my routine.
T: wow, I see.

T: I still have more question.
CM: Yes
T: What is your little/humble happiness that you realized that you have during these two years?
CM: Ahh
T: You know, one day, you really felt that you are happy..
CM: I think all Korean men agree with me.
T: Oh, could you please tell me about it?
CM: I think everyone agrees with me.
CM: I am able to lay down on my bed in my room. Something like that makes me happy.
T: Hahaha
T: Many Korean guys share your feelings.
CM: Yes. More than words.
T: Superb! The best!
CM: The best.. more than the best.. oh, I am so happy to be laying on my own bed. This is nothing special but that makes me feel really happy.
T: I see. I guess the two years made you rethink about many things.
CM: I just stay home and do nothing. But those hours will make me feel relaxed/easy.. and I feel happy. Something that little can make me feel happy. All Korean men are with me now.
T: hahaha. I think that is good. I think its great!
CM: I think that I have changed to feel this way and I think I grew up.





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