[VID/DL/Fanacc] 171013 Tohoshinki’s Why? Performance on「MUSIC STATION」2-hour Special!

Tohoshinki’s 1st stage since two years was on the broadcast of TV Asahi’s 「MUSIC STATION」2-hour Special with an epic performance of Why? Keep Your Head Down!

There are several highlights of their appearance, such as their performance itself gathering interest and praises on twitter from non-fans viewers (they were trending there; will write about the trending on another post)! The most significant moment was how Tohoshinki shared smiles with each other during the performance, giving it a sense of joy, excitement and confidence compared to their performance from 6 years ago! This moment wasn’t noted by fans only, but also Toho dancers commenting on it (introduced in an upcoming post).

[cr: screencap via @kzyc_cy]

There were also that time on twitter trends when non-fans addressed Changmin as the “Tohoshinki person on the left“, as they didn’t know his name, for being cool! In addition to the Tohoshinki x Arashi interaction of Yunho with Ninomiya-san where it was said that Yunho was addressed by non-fans as the Tohoshinki person on the right~



  • Tohoshinki Cut (does not include background appearance during J-pop history segment or CMs):

[cr: ATO]


  • Why? (only): here.

[cr: tvxqstorage]


  • Main Talk mentioning how the two years went (feelings and Yunho’s ice chocolate to coffee), as well as talking about their Japanese:

Changmin said when he wrote diary he used Japanese too, to haven’t forgotten Japanese.


  • Why?

[cr: @K_POP_SUKI: 12, and 3, Translated by @MM7608]


  • Yunho chatting with Arashi’s Ninomiya-san at the background

[cr: @robatokoara: 1 and 2]


  • Changmin singing along Kobukuro’s Sakura
  • and Mr.Children’s HANABI
  • and both of Changmin and Yunho singing along Ken Hirai’s “瞳をとじて”

[cr: @Shim_Ls2v2: 12 and 3]


  • Yunho and Changmin bowing back to Sexy Zone as they were heading to their performance



  • Doushite re-recorded version (on mu-mo) CM playing in the middle of the 1st half of the show



  • Tohoshinki FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ CM Cut (played 5 times after Arashi’s performance near the end):


  • During the J-pop history segments, for years 2009 and 2010, Tohoshinki were mentioned in the ranks 5th and 4th, respectively, in terms of overall single and album sales.

[cr: @kzyc_cy: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5]



{p/n: none of the upcoming links seem to include the very brief background appearances during J-pop history segment, etc. Therefore, for those, we suggest fans refer to a full version of the episode if they find one or to the random video clips uploaded by fans on twitter} 

  • Tohoshinki Cut (Intro/Outro greeting + Talk + Why? + CM collections) [ts; 1Gb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Cut (Talk + Why?) [ts; 821Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Cut (Only Why?) [ts; 383.5Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Cut (Only Talk) [ts; 435.2Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ CMs Cut [ts; 134Mb]: here.
  • A Pan.Baidu folder of all previous: here.

[cr: Links by DC MAX Chadore (@chadori_): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6]


  • Tohoshinki Cut (no CMs) [ts; 862Mb]: here.

[cr: jpopsuki Cut Link by atointvxq]


  • Tohoshinki FULL Cut (including background appearances during J-pop history segment) [ts; 2Gb;PW: gdmw]: here.

[cr: by @SakuraAquarius]



from those who attended at the studio. There are more, but here’s a translated one.

Translated by @snxy :

  • After the rehearsals, the thing that left the biggest impression was that as Arashi was entering, Yunho and Changmin bowed a few times in greeting to them. Especially Yunho who bowed 3 times each to each member, bowing his head about 15 times. He was so polite and cool. Tohoshinki is on an entirely different level. As they were leaving for Macau the next day, Tamori-san (male MC of M-sta) was surprised [cr: @4sydqivjzo0vrfi via @iruka0206]
  • As tohoshinki were coming on, a female staff almost tripped. yunho reached out a hand while saying “are you ok?” He’s kind.  [cr: @4sydqivjzo0vrfi]




On Tohoshinki’s jackets today:
studded suede biker jacket $6,255

[cr: @missyluvyunho]



As we indicated above,
please note that some of these source do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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