[VID/Trans] 171017 【東方神起×anan】No.2074 Tohoshinki Special Video (Yunho and Changmin’s Message)

Video message from Tohoshinki! their Japanese magazine『anan』 will be released on 171018! You can order a copy at amazon.jp: here (available on Kindle as well!)



Yunho: to the readers of anan, it has been a long time.
Tohoshinki: This is Tohoshinki.
Yunho: We will be on the cover of anan which will be sold on the 18th of October.
Changmin: Yes /high-fives/
Changmin: as we have been featured by anan several times..
Yunho: we are obliged (indebted) to them.
Changmin: we are thankful to them this time as well.
Yunho: and the shoot this time is a concept that is suitable for autumn /gestures to Changmin/ please take a look. Isn’t he handsome? With the kind of feeling now, just as you are seeing, as we will be showing it to everyone soon. please take care of us (show it interest).
Changmin: also, since Tohoshinki will be showing a lot of our cool side to everyone through many activities to come, please give us a lot of support. And please take care of anan in the future too. So this has been..
Tohoshinki: Tohoshinki!
To each other: byebye



For those who can’t see the video, you can find a DL link by @hibohabu: here




Magazine house movie,
JP-KR Translated by @tvxqdrip,
KR-EN Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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