[Partial Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview for JP Magazine 『anan』Comeback Special (Released 171018) (Part.2)

Tohoshinki Comeback Special for Japanese magazine 『anan』Issue 2074  was released today (171018). Remember to order your own copy at Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well), or at other online stores such as CD Japan.


Partial Translation:


Q: Can you tell me how Changmin-san will be in 10 years from now?
YH: Changmin has strong desire to be a dad. So I think in 2027, he must be married and has become a dad. In old days, I thought that Changmin would be a very strict dad, but Changmin these days makes me think that he will be a kind dad and he gets along with his other dads. I guess he will ask him to look after his kid sometimes (laugh). Of course, I anticipate that he will be working hard as Tohoshinki and also as an actor. I think he will be enjoying his fantastic/attractive life where he shows many talents.

Q. Can you tell us how Yunho-san will be in 10 years from now? 

CM: I think he will be just like he is now. Yunho stays as Yunho for these two years. Usually people would change after being away for two years from the stardom. One may have changed in his way of thinking or his sense of values. But Yunho remains very passionate, kind and has very positive aura. Under any circumstances, Yunho is Yunho. Nothing can affect him. This part of him, I really think that he is really cool. He is sticking to his original plan. Yunho is a man like that. I think to me, Yunho will still be like my family in 10 years from now.





Translation by @beriko0214: here ,
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