[PIC] 171016-17 Tohoshinki Ads and Billboards for FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ at Stations in Tokyo

More of the Tohoshinki billboards and ad posters for Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~  were spotted not only inside some train stations, but also as billboards outdoor!

Fans compiled a list of their locations as follows:

Yotsuya/Tokyo stations, Marunouchi line
Nihonbashi/Shinbashi / Toranomon / Ueno/Akasaka-mitsuke stations, Ginza Line
Shinjuku Station〜Shinjuku Sanchome Station, Marunouchi Line
Ikebukuro Station, underpass to East exit toward Sunshine Street
Ginza / Akihabara / Kayabacho / Ueno stations, Hibiya Line
Shibuya station
Jimbocho station, Metropolitan Shinjuku Line
Takadanobaba/Iidabashi/Kudanshito stations, Tozai Line
Otemachi station
Roppongi station

[cr: @roomnumber32]

In addition to the ones inside the train at Toyoko Line and Fukutoshin Line car No.1 [cr: @akko060136], as well as Tokyu Denentoshi line car No.10 [cr: @soratomax]



  • Shibuya Station, Hachiko Square

[cr: @minmihomin]


[cr: @meg008itsmysoul]


At night~

visible from inside buildings~

[cr: @19mkt]


  • Inside car No.1 of Toyoko Line

[cr: @yuririnn2324]


  • Toyoko Line inside:


[cr: @meg008itsmysoul]


  • Iidabashi Station, Tozai Line

[cr: @noyumano]


  • Takadanobaba stations, Tozai Line

[cr: @sim_kanoko]

  • Akasaka-mitsuke station

[cr: @mamawayunopen]



  • Shinjuku station!


The fan also heard people talking that they saw Music station and that Tohoshinki were amazing > w <

[cr: @max_andora]



  • Tokyu Denentoshi line, inside car No.10

[cr: @soratomax]



  • Ginza station, Hibiya Line

[cr: @tvxqyuuu007]



  • Jimbocho station, Toei Shinjuku Line

[cr: @yc_happy]




As indicated above,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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