[INFO/Fanacc] 171018 Tohoshinki’s 『anan』as Best Seller Magazine in Several Charts; Difficult to Find on Stores

Tohoshinki’s 『anan』10/25 Issue was/is topping magazine chart of several stores, and many fans on twitter reported limited stock or issue selling out on various stores ^^*



  • Rakuten Japan:

Rakuten Books Magazine(all genre) weekly #1


[cr: @xx__0_0__xx]


The issue was sold out on the website !! (Tweet was on the release morning at 9:27am!)


[cr: @hati333]


  • Amazon Japan:

Amazon JP Magazine(all genre) realtime #1 (5:47PM JST)

Tohoshinki’s Japanese magazine 『anan』Issue 2074 (Release 171018) is spotted topping Amazon Japan Best Sellers for Magazines.

[cr: Amazon Japan via @xx__0_0__xx]

  • 7net:

7net Magazine-Ladies/Cosme ranking 24hr,weekly,4weeks all kill!

[cr: 7net via @xx__0_0__xx]



fan went to kinokuniya (jpn bookshop chain) and at that branch, anan mag has been limited to 1 copy per person.


Tohoshinki effect.

[cr: @bunnykins26, Translated by @snxy]


Below are photos from stores of the issue selling out/almost finishing at stores~



[cr: @raccowa]


Fan went to different convenience stores but they were sold out before she found a store that still have them! They seem to have doubled their stock, but it looks now like the rest of the other magazines pile~


[cr: @yunomariuosao]



[cr: @T_tvxq_27]


Sold out~

[cr: @yunoyunoreichan]



Not only on Japan, but also in Korea’s well-known online store yes24, the issue went temporarily out of stock (tweeted at 10:59pm).

[cr:  @0206yhken]




As we indicated above,
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