[PIC/VID] 171023 Tohoshinki Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ Ad Trucks Spotted by SOLIDEMO’s Takeshi and Fans!

Tohoshinki’s Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~  truck ads have been spotted on the streets of different cities in Japan, not just by fans but also by the huge Tohoshinki fan SOLIDEMO’s Takeshi ^^

Remember to order your own album~


SOLIDEMO’s Takeshi posted a photo of Tohoshinki’s album ad-truck! He heard Catch Me playing and its 「Ikuna〜♫」 part haha

[cr: SOLIDEMO’s Takeshi Twitter (@TAKE_SOLIDEMO ): here]


At Tenjin, Fukuoka!

[cr: @choco745]


At Shibuya, Tokyo
Catch Me was playing and its「♪Ikuna~~」was heard~

[cr: @yo_me_AIR]

[cr: @eri_u326]

At Osaka~


[cr: @wrpgu]




At Nagoya!

[cr: @demichamiAyo]



[cr: @skssred]





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