[INFO] 171102 Venue Limited Benefits for Ordering『FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~』and 『Reboot』+ “Meet&Greet” Invitations

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Avex announced a couple of「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」venue limited benefits, regarding ordering/Pre-ordering Tohoshinki’s album『FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~』(10/25) / Single『Reboot』(12/20) at the venue, as will as for more chances with the “Meet&Greet” invitations

<①Venue limited Lottery Draw:“Meet&Greet” Invitation>
After each performance 5 people will be invited through lottery for a “Meet&Greet” with Tohoshinki.

◆How to participate
For every 2000 purchase of the target products at the venue, a lottery sticker to the “Meet&Greet” will be handed.
※This “Meet&Greet” is the same as that of winners through the serial numbers enclosed in ALBUM「FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~」. One person could have up to 10 lottery tickets.

・2,000 yen purchase=1 lottery ticket
・18,000 yen purchase=9 lottery tickets
・Over 20,000 yen purchase=10 lottery tickets.

<②ALBUM「FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~」Venue Limited Benefit: Gotochi (local) TB Sticker>
For fans purchasing album「FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~」at the venue, they will be given a TB Sticker with a local design corresponding to the venue region at which the album is purchased.

{p/n: Also check out this other (here) venue-limited benefit regarding album purchases}

<③Single「Reboot」Venue Limited Benefit::Clear Jacket Size Card (1 out of 3 types)>
For those pre-ordering (11/11~12/03) or purchasing (12/20~) the upcoming new single「Reboot」, released on 12/20,  will obtain per item a Venue-limited clear jacket-sized card (1 out of 3 random cards)
<Target Products>

◆For ① and ②
Tohoshinki ALBUM『FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~』10/25:
・[3CD+Blu-ray] AVCK-79392, Price:¥6,800 + tax
・[3CD+DVD] AVCK-79389, Price:¥5,800 + tax
・[3CD]AVCK-79401, Price::¥3,500 + tax

◆For ① and ③
Tohoshinki SINGLE『Reboot』12/20:
・[CD+DVD] AVCK-79416/B, Price:¥2,000 + tax
・[CD ONLY]AVCK-79418, Price:¥1,000 + tax


Further notes and instructions on the “Meet&Greet” can be found at the website: here.



東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ Special Website,
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