[Twitter/Trans] 171107 Behind the Scenes of 東方神起 for JP Magazine “Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT” – December Issue 2017 (Released 171104)

Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT twitter shared some episodes behind the scenes of Tohoshinki for their feature at the magazine’s December issue, released on 11/4.


Behind the scenes @nikkei_ent:

Tohoshinki-san had their first long interview with us after their comeback. We have featured their full interview on the December issue of our magazine about how they spent their time during the hiatus and how they feel about their comeback in 11 pages and about 15,000 words. In addition, we included information about all songs in their best album in total of 13 pages (we also have extra photos).

Here we talk about the two behind the scenes ^^


The photographer was Baku Kobayashi who took pictures of them two years ago. Since they knew each other very well, as soon as Yunho-san found Kobayashi-san while wondering around/going back and forth in the corridor in front of elevators, he gave hugs to Kobayashi-san, “Long time no see~” and that immediately made the atmosphere around them warm/friendly. Whereas Changmin-san was quietly sitting at the table and having a meal. Japchae, kara-age (Japanese fried chicken), ton-katsu (Japanese breaded and fried pork cutlet) sandwich and etc. He arranged all these dishes in front of him as if he was having a party for himself. He looked extremely happy with his mouth full with food while he gave compliments on each dish. When he noticed our crew, he jumped off his chair and greeted us. “This was my dinner…” Changmin-san said. Yes, we knew that:)


When I asked Changmin-san about the strictness/seriousness/toughness of Yunho-san, I anticipated that he would say jokingly, “Yes, he is super scary! (laugh)”. But Changmin-san did not make any jokes and instead, he actually tried his best to explain carefully so that we won’t misunderstand Yunho-san. I felt bad about what I anticipated, but at the same time I realized that he is the best fan/No.1 fan of Yunho-san.

Because Nikkei Entertainment spent most of our time for interview, sometimes we will have a game of endurance with the people to interview. About Tohoshinki-san, after certain time has passed, the two of them started to suffer from some syndrome/symptom (laugh). After 45~50 min, the one loses his focus is Yunho-san. He started to flip pages of a magazine or touch stuff on the table and he can not sit still. Around the time, Changmin-san starts to talk passionately and he keeps going (laugh). But they are listening to each other. They really are a good duo/good combination.


You can order your copies as follows:
Wide version: Amazon Japan | CD Japan.
Regular version: Amazon Japan | CD Japan.



Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT Twitter (@nikkei_ent): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6,
Translated by @beriko0214: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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