[Fanacc] 171111 Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Sapporo Dome (Part.3)

Sapporo Dome, Tohoshinki’s first tour stop after their discharge! The boys were wearing see-throughs, and it looks like Yunho is showing off his six-pack abs 😉

Tohoshinki’s successful fan EXO’s Xiumin attended as well~

The concert started at 17:00 (JST), or according to fans, started 17:12 and ended at 20:47 [cr: @anywhere4you]!

Set list is updated with VCR~

Set list:

-VCR 1-
One More Thing
-MC: Introduction-
-VCR 2-
Break out
One and only one
シアワセ色の花 (Shiawase iro no hana/Flower of happiness)
君のいない夜 (Kimi no Inai Yoru/A Night Without You)

-MC: Tohoshinki: Tadaima!-
逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない (Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai)
Catch Me
-Toho Dancers/Band Members Introduction (Something, I Don’t Know, Suri Suri….)-
Easy Mind
I just can’t quit myself
Why? Keep Your Head Down

Rising Sun
We Are!
Summer Dream
Somebody to Love
-MC: Ending-
[cr: @loveyunhosama and TVXQ! Express through stream by 神之再起_BewithTVXQ: here]





Translated by @beriko0214:


  • YH: About two years ago, we all went to the natural hot springs in Noboribetsu. I just remembered that. What was the famous one? CM: Ah~ Jaga-bokkuru (potato snack) One of the staffs bought a package of Jaga-bokkuru as a gift to his GF and he accidentally sent a text message “I got it ❤️” through LINE to his boss.
    YH: We don’t see that staff-san around lately. I heard his boss got promoted.
    CM: Aha~ perhaps he was fired (CM made the gesture) www <- CM looked really happy.
    YH: I heard the staff-san got married .. with someone else www
    [They were showing the LINE on the screen.]
    CM: I guess goodbye comes too suddenly. Are there anyone who came here with their boyfriends?
    YH: Wow, a very few…
    CM: Its good not to have unnecessary breakups [cr: @sivasingh: 1, 2, 34 and 5]
  • Opening remark
    YH: Everyone in Sapporo, long time no see. I am Yunho for everyone! I was really looking forward to this moment. I bet you were too, right? I can’t really hear you. Are you all hungry? Have you waited for Tohoshinki? OK! Let’s make memories tonight a lot more than you’ve anticipated! [cr: @sivasingh]
  • MC
    YH&CM: Again, We are Tohoshinki.
    CM: You want to say something more, don’t you?
    YH: I want to go on tour with this greeting. Everyone in Sapporo…
    YH&CM: Ta-da-i-ma!!! (We are back!!!) [cr: @sivasingh]
  • MC
    They were walking towards the center stage
    YH: Changmin, why did you get here before me? I guess your legs are longer than me.
    CM: Precisely speaking, my legs are 2 cm longer than yours. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • MC
    CM: I was watching the Japan series and I envied so much that Softbank fan blowed up a tons of jet balloons and launched them when they won the series. Then our staff told us that Begi-sans were not too bad and he showed us the video of TILL2. It was really beautiful.. but it was just at the moment when I was screaming [cr: @sivasingh]
  • MC
    YH: I actually wanted to see TILL secretly… but it’s finished showing!
    CM: But we came back safely and (people want to see) the real ones… [cr: @sivasingh]
  • Encore MC
    After Rising Sun, they were a bit out of breath.
    YH: Its crazy Rising Sun after MAXIMUM
    CM: I’m dying. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH came down the stage and walked in the aisle among the audiences,
    YH: I was happy on the same eye level as you all.
    YH walked back to the stage.
    YH: My face is even more smaller than you thought, right? [cr: @sivasingh]
  • CM: Yunho told me, “Ah~ I guess I am getting old.” in the elevator at our hotel.
    YH: These days, my pelvis needs alignment.
    CM: Please do not add more dance music.
    YH: But I think everyone likes to see us like this.. out of breath.
    CM: No, I do not want to shorten my life to please others. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: This time, we added new stage equipments
    CM: I am really happy that we have less dance choreography due to that.
    YH: The propellers got longer so its getting difficult (to dance on them).
    CM: That also reduces the amount of dance movement [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: The most exciting part of this tour is wire-flying. I did not expect to sing while wire-flying. We tried many things but 15 m.. weren’t you scared?
    CM: I can’t say much because our staffs will say, “Please don’t be too honest..”
    CM: I guess those who need to endure the fear of heights are everyone on the second and third floors. Its the first that we were this close to them.
    YH: I was a bit scared, so I sang and I only looked straight (laugh). The next time, I will do my best to be able to look around. [cr: @sivasingh: 1, and 2]
  • CM: I’m afraid that the CEO will be upset about me (by saying this). But at some point, my family will come to see us. I think my mom will be in shock to see me wire-flying.
    YH: But you have a seat-belt (safety belt) on. So (Changmin’s mom) please do not worry. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • CM introduced Xiumin to the autiences. Audiences applauded him.
    YH: I think that he is getting a lot more attention than me, don’t you think?
    CM: He wanted to keep it secret to us about him coming to this concert. But I knew it. I wondered whether me pretending as if I don’t know anything about him is a good manner to him. It is amazing that he took a flight to come and see us. Thank you! [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: There is a new closet (O-shi-i-re) .. not I have a new announcement (O-shi-ra-se)!
    Audiences (laugh)
    CM: Please do not laugh. Yunho is the person who speaks Japanese very well! You are rude to him!! [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: The title of our brand new song is Reboot! Ah.. Changmin.. so suddenly..
    CM (while heading towards the back of the stage): Please introduce the song to them.
    YH: Ah~ yes. The meaning of the song is to re-start. We performed the song at the opening. We cracked open a cube and came out from there to the stage.. we were looking cool… but to be honest with you, it’s a bit harder than you think.. oh please keep this info to yourself. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • CM: Yunho is not here because he is still changing his stage costume. Well.. I should say that it has been 10 years since we made a debut. But we kept talking about a new start..
    Audiences laughed.
    CM: The reason I don’t like “reboot” is.. because I do not want to be away from you anymore. That is what I meant to say.
    Audiences cheered him.
    YH: I heard everything. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • CM: I wish that this will be the last “Reboot” for us.
    YH: I will never leave you again.
    Audiences screamed.
    CM: Although both of us are getting older, I am really worried about your health. Even you tell me that you are okay, perhaps inside of you… Please go to hospital and get yourself checked. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: While preparing for this tour, we talked with Team Toho… in One-Piece, Luffy and his friends were parted and they trained themselves individually (at separate places), but they got back together in two years. I felt strongly that there is a link between the episode and Tohoshinki. So we made the VCR for introducing band members and dancers to show that we are enjoying the time of our lives together. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • CM: I see a lot of familiar faces among those staffs who work behind the stage. I am really happy that they also had waited for us for two years.
    YH: I can’t help but admitting the fact!! I just learned this phrase.
    CM: You are so good at speaking Japanese, aren’t you. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • The final MC
    They were walking towards the backstage but realized that they were supposed to introduce members at the main stage. So they headed back to the main stage.
    CM: Sorry, I got confused and came too far.
    YH: This is what exciting about the live concert is. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • The final MC
    YH: Finally, we could see you. While we were apart for two years, there were a lot of things happened to me, and that experiences made me think that .. Yunho of Tohoshinki and Yunho as a human being, both of Yunho were able to mature because you love us this much. In the past, I just loved you and I felt pretty much satisfied myself by singing and dancing. However, from now on, not just because I love you, but I’ll care about/treasure you/think of you as important. Please keep supporting Tohoshinki. Then Yunho and Changmin’ll support you too. It is really great to open our tour in Sapporo. Thank you very much for coming here today. [cr: @sivasingh: 1, and 2]
  • The final MC
    CM: I thought about.. to support or to love (someone) does not need any reason but rather it is just that you can’t help doing so. None of the vocal, dance and Japanese of Tohoshinki is not at the top level in this world, but you still love us and had waited for us for two years.. you are amazing. We will continue to be like us, just the way the two of Tohoshinki are, and we will continue to do our best. [cr: @sivasingh: 1, and 2]
  • The final MC
    YH&CM: We are~
    Audiences T!!!
    YH: I really wanted to hear this. I really missed this.
    CM: Kamsamida
    YH: Thank you! Kamsamida! Ariga-tou! I care about you a lot!!!  [cr: @sivasingh]
  • Opening MC
    CM: Two years has passed and everyone seems to have aged.. Well.. “O-fu-ta-ri (respective form of you two)” (←but its about CM&YH) also have aged too. Is our Japanese okay?
    YH closed his eyes tightly and waved his hand like no
    CM: I think our Japanese is okay. Don’t you think so too?
    YH: It has been a while since we last spoke Japanese. So I am not sure.
    CM: I want to examine Yunho-san’s ability in speaking Japanese.
    YH looked really happy.
    CM: You seem to be very happy (laugh). What is the meaning of the tour title “BeginAgain” that is in English?
    YH: The meaning in Japanese is “Start again!”
    YH blowed kisses to the audiences.
    CM: We are starting a Five Dome Tour to celebrate the opening our new chapter in the history of us, Tohoshinki. Its abbreviation is Begi-Age-Tour.
    YH: Does that mean BeginAgain?
    CM: Yes, it means that but also it means that we’ll Age-ru (lift/cheer/stimulate/energize) Begi-san.
    YH: You mean Bigeasts? Bigeasts get abbreviated as well?
    YH: Okay, then we go with Chan-chan and Yun-chan too.
    CM: Oh, that is great! Yun-chan.
    YH: I got it, Chan-chan.
    CM: You look super happy.
    CM: It is so hot here. During rehearsal till yesterday, our company did not turn heater on so it was really cold.. no not like that^^ Because you (audiences) were not with us that is why it was not warm. Not because heater was off. Our company is not so mean to us…YH: Let’s leave it there (laugh).YH: I am really happy to have the first day of the tour in Sapporo. Sapporo is the first city where we stood on stage for the first time since we made a debut.
    CM: This city is so very important for the two of us/The two of us have a great memory in this city.
    YH: I ate a lot of seafood… it was so great!! (to the audiences) No, please do not tell me that I am “kawaii” (cute)! [cr: @sivasingh: 1, 2, 34, 5 and 6]

{t/n: Thank you Miuraya-san (@sivasingh) so very much for taking notes of MCs and sharing with us on TL. She still has a lot more details and when I find time I will translated them.}

  • There was a child at the first lane in my block. CM found the kid when he first came close to us on the trolley and he was in full smile. And the second time he came around, he threw a Frisbee to the kid. He was really gentle with the kid. CM threw the Frisbee gently to the kid. If his trolley was not moving, I think he handed the Frisbee to the kid. [cr: @TVXQ2hearts and @kabo2428]
  • In Begin as well as in Bolero, CM looked straight into YH’s eyes and sang those songs. CM’s gauze was tender and caring. The part of lyrics are really meaningful to them. In Bolero, CM was listening & watching YH singing the part with gentle smile on his face. [cr: @uknow212max1]






As we indicated above,
Fanaccounts translations by @beriko0214,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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