[Trans] 171118 Tohoshinki Talk at Fuji TV’s『MUSIC FAIR』

Tohoshinki appeared on the first half of Fuji TV’s『MUSIC FAIR』 episode broadcast on 11/18, 18:00~18:30 (JST) . Their 2011 old performance of “Why? Keep Your Head Down” was played, in addition the boys live performed “Begin ~Again Version~” so beautifully~

Below is translation of their talk segments with the show’s hosts Shinichi Karube and actress Nakama Yukie.




YUKIE NAKAMA (YN): Music Fair tonight features the two of TOHOSHINKI. They are here for the first time in two and half years.
SK: So this is the first time on Music Fair in two and half years. How do you feel?
YH: I am really happy that you gave us this opportunity to be on this show. And this is the first time for us to be on this show since the two of you became MC. It’s pleasure to see you.
YN&SK: Yes, it is. The pleasure is all ours too.
SK: How about you, Changmin-san?
CM: I am happy. I am really happy. For the first time in two years, we are performing on Music Fair. I am all fired up for this show.
YN: Oh, you are all fired up 
YH: I am a bit nervous.
SK: I believe that Nakama-san also really happy to have the two of you here.
YN: Yes, I am really happy too.
SK: Actually, Nakama-san has some connection to the two of TOHOSHINKI in the past.
YN&YH: Yes, we are.
YH: We sang the theme song of a drama starring Nakama-san and we have a special memory/feeling of the drama.


YN: Wow, I am so happy to hear that.
CM: Before we came to Japan, I already saw your darama like Gokusen.. and before I see you in person… I thought that you were very beautiful.. But now I see you in person, indeed, you are very beautiful.
YH: Not only you are beautiful but you are mysterious.
YN: OMG, what should I do? Do we have something that I can give to them?
Everyone laugh..
YN: Do we have any Yukie Nakama goods? I will look for them.
CM: Yes! (clenched his fists in triumph )
SK: Okay then, we will show some VTR of the previous Music Fair show when the two of TOHOSHINKI performed the theme song of Nakama-san’s drama.
YN&SK: Please enjoy!


YN: Wow, you are so cool!!!
YH: Ah~ I am embarrassed…
YH&SK: you are so cool!!
YH: I am embarrassed…
SK: You are so cool!
YN: How do you feel about watching your previous performance?
CM: We just watched with the two of you so I feel embarrassed…
YN: Really?
YN: You are indeed really cool!
SK: This is the drama, “A Beautiful Neighbor (2011)” that was aired 6 years ago. Nakama-san, do you remember anything?
YN: I really love this song. When we were shooting the drama, I was humming the song. I remember how we were doing back then.
YN: You’ve restarted your activity in Japan, but what did you do for the first thing you came to Japan this time?
YH: Unfortunately/Regretfully.. what I did is I worked.
YN: Work..
SK: I guess you had to..
YH: I love eating Japanese Ramen noodles but I have not had a chance to have Ramen yet.
SK: Oh, so you like Japanese Raman?
YH: I love it!


YH: I love Japanese Ramen.. among them if I need to pick the best that I like .. it is Tonkotsu-Ramen.
SK: So then I guess you like Hakata-Ramen?
YH: Yes, I do. If I find time, I want to go to have Ramen (at a Ramen restaurant).
YN: I hope you can go. How about Changmin-san?
CM: A little while ago, we went to Utsunomiya, Tochigi. I learned that the place is famous for their Gyoza (Pot Stickers) for the first time.
CM: So I asked staffs whether I could have some Gyoza.. then they ordered Gyoza from 5, 6 restaurants.. yes.. they did.
YN: Wow, that is great!
CM: I tasted all kinds and I had a lot of fun!
YN: That sounds a lot of fun!
CM: We are not limited to Gyoza but the two of us love all Japanese food, Washoku.
SK: Japanese noodles.. Japanese Gyoza..
YN: Yes..


YN: Oh that makes me happy that you have a lot of foods you like.
YN: Is there anything that you feel that you have changed in these two years?
CM: This may not be some change only in me but it may be also in both of us.. but these days we’ve been able to contact each other a lot more frequently than before.
CM: We were apart for two years, and that experience made us realize how important each other is/we really appreciate each other..can I say that? (am I making sense?).. Yes anyway so we contact each other more frequently.
SK: For example, can you tell us how you contact each other?
CM: Oh, nothing special.. like You worked hard today. Yeah… something like that.
YN&SK: wwww
YN: You are very close. That is really good.
YH: Yes. Like what did you eat today? Was it yummy?
YN: Wow, you sound like you two are in a relationship.
SK: Yes, it sounds like you are a couple.
CM: Yes.



CM: The conversation is nothing special..
SK: After these two years, I feel that your bonds become even more stronger.
YN: Yes. I agree.
YH: Thank you!
YN: Well then, the two of TOHOSHINKI will sing BEGIN tonight.
YN: What is the reason that you chose BEGIN tonight?
YH: I think this is the most suitable song for TOHOSHINKI. The beautiful melody line and the meaning of lyrics will be appreciated by many people no matter how old they are. I want people to listen to this song.
YN&SK: Okay. Please listen to this song.






Video Cuts by bm88218: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7,
Translated by @beriko0214: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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