[VID/DL/Trans] 171127 Tohoshinki for FujiTV’s『Love music 東方神起 Special』

Tohoshinki appeared on Fuji TV’s 『Love music』for a 『Love music 東方神起 Special』broadcast today on 00:30~01:25 JST.

Beside the talk and special footage from Reboot and the tour rehearsals, Tohoshinki delivered an amazing performance of B.U.T and Begin ~Again Version~ ^^


{p/n: the downloads provided currently are not of the full show, so post may be updated with them later} EDIT: Torrent Link Added!



  • FULL (screencap)


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  • B.U.T
  • Begin ~Again Version~




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  • Tohoshinki Cut (B.U.T) [MP4; 402 Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Cut (Begin ~Again Version~) [MP4; 457 Mb]: here OR here.

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  • FULL First 28 minutes (torrent magnet; 1080i.ts; 2.92Gb):


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Translations of  Video Cuts:


All Translations Below are by @beriko0214:



[cr: video by @wr2799]
>nice to meet you!
YH&CM: Nice to meet you too!
>Yunho San and Changmin San are here with us tonight. How do you feel now after coming back from two years of hiatus?
YH: I am very happy to talk to you and everyone after two years. I am a bit nervous coz I haven’t spoken JPN.
>Would it take a bit longer time to remember words/phrases in Japanese?
YH: well speaking of myself, yes.
CM: I used to speak JPN much more fluently but…
> you still speak very fluently.
CM: I forgot quite a lot.
> Have you done anything in Japan for the first time after awhile? For example you ate something or you visited somewhere.
YH: Changmin went to some place.
> Where did you go?
CM: I went to a ramen restaurant.
>oh did you eat ramen? For the first time in two years?
CM: Yes. For 2 years, I had been dreaming about eating Japanese ramen And finally my dream came true.
> How was it?
CM:It was the best!
YH: I envied him a lot.
>oh you could’nt go?
CM: Yunho has been dieting these days.
>oh you are dieting..
YH: I’m trying to get in shape.
> oh I see. But some day, I hope you can eat ramen.
YH: As soon as I’m done with dieting, I will go to have ramen.


[cr: video by @kabo2428]

First of all Tadaima!/We’re bank! The last tour WITH tour was really great, so honestly I am still under a lot of pressure. But today I saw your faces, I feel that we can have an even better tour this time. Please keep expressions on your face now/this momentum & spirit. And enjoy yourselves until the final. We should avoid injury and let’s do our best together. Thank you for waiting for us.


[cr: video by @kabo2428]

About YH
He is my family. He has been always with me. I forgot how important he was to me but in the last two years, we had to be apart. I realized that Yunho had been with me until now but he was not here with me. And I thought ah Yunho has already been a part of my family/an existence like my family. .. in these two years.



[cr: video by @kabo2428]

About CM
In a good sense, he is my rival and my family.. and if Changmin is with me, I think that we can climb up the ladder to the higher place.


[cr: video by @murasakiline]

YH talking about CM the 2nd half
When I made mistakes when I was doing all my best, every moment Changmin was with me right next to me. He didn’t say anything but he takes the same path and keeps the same sense of values. So indeed I am very grateful to him. He is younger than me, but I am looking up to him in some aspects.



[cr: video by @kabo2428]

Singing Reboot
YH: I can sing if I can read the lyrics. If I have a thought while I perform, I will screw it up.


[cr: video by @kabo2428]

A day before Sapporo Dome concert
YH: caught a cold? Yes a bit my nose…
< so you’re not at your best condition.
YH: But I will be okay.
< you’re going to be OK?
YH: Yes. Everyone’s passion..



[cr: video by @kabo2428]

CM: The redlight flooded venue… so many people… This is where we belong to…


[cr: video by @kabo2428]

YH: I believe that it took all of us some significant time to get here and please show us all that you have gained/matured/improved without any hesitation. We should show everything here today!
> Yes! Yes!
CM: I think we will be all excited. But it’s cold so please look after yourselves. We should avoid injury. Let’s do our best!/Show me your guts!


[cr: video by @wr2799]

CM: Good morning!
YH: Good morning!
< Good morning!
YH: Those who are watching Love Music, Good morning!
CM: You are in good sprit.
< You will have a long video shooting today?
YH: Yes all day today until 3 am..
CM: I’ve never heard such a number for hours
CM&YH: 27 hours
YH: But this is all for the great live. Everyone has waited for us for almost two years. The two of us are all excited and will do our best!

Narration: The stopped clock has just begun ticking.
CM: well.. I can’t still believe this is happening.
CM: Dome live tour and Arena live tour, I really wanted to sing and dance at venues which we are familiar with in these two years. I really missed everything. And now my dream has come true and I am preparing myself for … I still can’t believe this but at the same time, I am so thrilled.

< okay cut!
YH: In real there is nothing around us, so I feel embarrassed for acting.
<is it embarrassing?
YH: yes i believe in CG.
< Are you tired?
YH: No, not yet. Off camera, we take it easy and fool around, but when we are shooting video, I am totally focused and that is my style. You see me joking all the time but I am totally focused when we are shooting video and also in rehearsal.
< okay please keep up the good work!
YH: Yes, I will do my best!



[cr: video by @murasakiline]

About artists who YH & CM got inspired:
YH: Yoo Young Jin-san. He has been composing songs of TVXQ like Why and Catch Me, for examples. But actually, he is a veteran in our company and he is great both in singing and dancing. He is a genius.
>Can you share with us an advice that you got from him?
YH: it’s important to have a good quality of singing but you need to have passion and grab audience’s heart with your passion.


[cr: video by @murasakiline]

Actually both of them got inspired by Gospellers. They performed on the stage of FNS music festival together.
YH: hahaha
> 6 years ago in 2011.
YH: This brings back memories.
YH: Their a cappella is amazing., don’t you think so too?
CM: wow This brings back memories.
>Did it bring you back fond memories?
YH: Yes. I didn’t expect that you would show us the video clip. Hahaha
>It was 6 years ago.
CM: We were under a lot of pressure/we were stressed out but the song “Towani = forever” is one of the greatest songs so I was worried that
Perhaps we caused some trouble to them.
> no way!
YH: Their harmony is amazing and we have been a big fan of them.



[cr: video by @wr2799]

Sam: Changmin will be on the right.
Sam san’s plan for stage was in the huge scale that no one has anticipated.
Sam: all of sudden the light will be on, then you will go to the stage. Something like that.
YH: I see.
Sam: When you start singing (can’t get his words) this part Will be lifted up and then turn. Propeller. Yunho is on sliding and Changmin is on the propeller. This will be like that at an higher position.

It is still not visible/ it’s not very clear yet the new Tohoshinki that no one knows, the new light/vision.
YH: After it opens then Comes down.
Sam: okay we can change the part. Okay?
YH: Hi!
What should we do with this your? Everyone has waited for us for a long time… and everyone worked hard to improve themselves for this tour.. I need to watch out the overall balance but I need to think hard about how we can convey our emotions to you all.. that is my most concern.


[cr: video by @wr2799]

YH: it’s hard. Really hard. It’s all hard. But I’ll do my best.
> until the lyrics becomes a part of you, you won’t master the dance movement.
YH: I can do it if I can read lyrics. But if I think about lyrics, I will screw it up. My brain is a bit mess right now.
YH: yesterday was the first time that I danced in Japan. I am still not used to it although I was used to it before.
CM: if I say this, then ppl would say what are you saying!? But it’s my physical energy. To compare to in old days, physically well I can’t complain.. well having said that I wish to enjoy dancing like I did before.




Other Partial Translations:


Translated by @xx__0_0__xx :


  • 影響を受けたアーティスト(邦楽)
    Which artists have you been influenced? (Japanese artists)
    Both:The Gospellers

  • 影響を受けたアーティスト(韓国)
    Which artists have you been influenced? (Korean artists)
    YH:Yoo YongJing
    CM:Shin Seunghun

  • 影響を受けたアーティスト(洋楽)
    Which artists have you been influenced? (Western/Overseas artists)
    YH:Michael Jackson,Eric Benet
    CM:John Mayer

  • 今注目のアーティスト(邦楽)
    チャンミン:ONE OK ROCK
    Who’s your fav artists now? (Japanese artists)

  • 今注目のアーティスト(韓国)
    Who’s your fav artists now? (Japanese artists)

  • How do you think about each other?
    YH→CM:A rival in a good meaning and also a family,,
    (Of course they explained more, plz wait for a full trans from the other good translators!)



We spotted #LoveMusic trending 6th after the show ended (around 4am JST)~







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