[Trans] 171127 Bigeast Staff Report: 3 Days Tokyo Performance Successfully Ended♪ Today Yunho is…?!


Good evening, all Bigeasts!


We’ll share you Yunho behind the stage ♪ It is really important to do physical training/work out in order to provide you the best performance, but mental training is also essential.

For example, just before the live concert, Yunho and Changmin’ll try a variety of methods to enhance their ability to focus. They invited dancers and band members to join them in a recreation room and practiced meditation together.

Yunho: Okay, let’s concentrate (on breathing)!

Initially, Yunho tried meditation by himself and he really liked it (smile).
Yunho: This is great! I can build up my concentration!
Meditation has added to the list of Yunho’s mind training methods♪

YH finished his training with this smile ^^

And we finished today Tokyo Dome concerts for 3 days started on Nov25 without any troubles!!
I still remember Yunho and Changmin looked around the venue with deep emotion at rehearsal on the first day.

They were too happy to be able to come back to Tokyo Dome where they had to say good-bye to everyone two years ago. Thank you all so much to come here and cheer them even it is pretty chilly outside.

In this weekend, we will have Fukuoka Concerts!
Long time no see, all of you in Fukuoka.
Yunho seemed to be so excited about that he could eat Motsu-Nabe♪ He wants to eat it so badly.
Let’s make the Fukuoka stage the best one together!




Tohoshinki Official Fan Club Bigeast Website,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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