[Fanacc] 171202 Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome 1st Day (Part.1)


The first day of Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome concert started at 18:00 and ended 21:26 (JST) [cr: @anywhere4you]!
This post includes a compilation of fanaccounts~



Set list (Same as Tokyo’s as no changes were reported):

-VCR 1-
-MC: Introduction-
One More Thing
-VCR 2-
One and only one
シアワセ色の花 (Shiawase iro no hana/Flower of happiness)

-MC: Tohoshinki: Tadaima!-
逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない (Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai)
Duet -winter ver.-
Catch Me
-Toho Dancers/Band Members Introduction (Something, I Don’t Know, Suri Suri….)-
Easy Mind
I just can’t quit myself
Why? Keep Your Head Down

Rising Sun
We Are!
Summer Dream
Somebody to Love
-MC: Ending-






Fanaccounts Translated by @beriko0214:

  • After YH and CM released balloons (staffs blew them up) , they watched Bigeasts picked them up..
    (´^J ^`) I can’t believe they want balloons with someone’s saliva..
    (*∵) Its okay! Everyone wants it! Changmin’s saliva! [cr: @koich212]
  • CM: I am a bit crazy today. [cr: @ttvvxxqq212]
  • MC CM
    Speaking of December, it is already winter and getting cold. It is the season to cuddle up with your precious one. So I am really grateful that you spent time with TOHOSHINKI and made great memories together with us tonight. [cr: @sim_max218]
  • ( ´^J^`) Yesterday, we ate Motsu-Nabe.
    (〃•.̫ • 〃) …Yes…we did…
    ( ´^J^`) For that, you did not eat anything all day.
    (〃•.̫ • 〃) …Yes…that’s right… [cr: @mochitic]
  • YH said that it is his character not to speak JPN fluently(´・J・`) Well, he always surprises me.. because I am always here right next to him within my personal space.. [cr: @raccowa]
  • YH: Thank you so much for keeping the promise we made about 3 years ago.
    CM: I am too happy to say anything. Well, about three years.. about two and half years after, we are speaking to you in JPN. Is our JPN still okay?
    YH: Of course it is! [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH got bit by a mosquito in the venue
    (∵) I got bit by a mosquito a little while ago. itchy.. when we sang Shiawase Iro no
    (´・J・`) It is cold now? Mosquito?
    (∵) That mosquito was crazy.
    (∵) I tried to catch it during Changmin was singing your par, but I could not.
    Changmin pretended that he was singing and trying to catch mosquito, and he was cute. [cr: @raccowa]
  • CM: Long time no see Fukuoka..
    YH: Yes! I just said the same thing!
    CM: Ah~ after I came back, I visited Tokyo and Osaka.. but I feel a little bit different in Fukuoka. There’re are lot of beautiful ladies in Fukuoka.. so I really wanted to come here. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: I am just acting/pretending that I can’t speak Japanese well! (YH went to the back stage).
    CM: … I am with him all the time and share my personal space with him.. but he still surprises me.. he surprises me all the time. [cr: @masumincha] {t/n: it is a bit difficult to translate but other Bigeasts said: CM said the space between him and YH are too personal = no personal space.}
  • CM: Yunho kept saying that he wanted to come to Fukuoka?
    YH: I’ve always wanted to eat motsu-nabe!!
    CM: You are happy not because we are able to meet with everyone here but ate motsu
    YH: No No! Not like that! you’d stop there. [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: (Not just mostu nabe) I was looking forward to seeing you all! I am not lying!
    CM: Please believe in him coz he is speaking his heart out.
    YH: I love mizu-taki (a kind of Nabe).. I also love ShinShin (ramen)… it’s hard to wrap up in Japanese… [cr: @sivasingh]
  • CM: We ate motsu nabe yesterday, didn’t we?
    YH: Yes! CM: For that, you did not eat anything all day.
    YH: I have to admit that.
  • CM: We talked that we would do our best with mostu nabe power.
    YH: Yes, Changmin, are you alright? [cr: @sivasingh]
  • YH: Here I have a question for you! What do you say Reboot in JPN?
    YH: Re-start, right?
    YH: Why don’t they give us ding dong!
    CM: Because it is only for you.
    YH: I want it. Tomorrow, please give us ding dong (YH vowed to the band members)  [cr: @sivasingh]
  • Somewhere in the midst of the concert, CM was not really making much sense in MC.. and he said, “I’m a bit weird today.” Then YH followed that by saying “But I feel that you are really charming.” [cr: @7macot]
  • They were talking about how amazing it is to see Hawks (baseball team) fans release balloons at Yahuoku Dome (Fukuoka Dome).
    YH: Se.. se..
    CM: ???
    YH: Su.. Se..
    CM: What?
    YH: Se..
    CM: Can you tell me what you want to say in KOR?
    YH: Issei-ni! Issei-ni! (Together! Together!) Its so pretty that they release balloons all together! (∵)b [cr: @uknowmylovemax]
  • The best part of their MC today is
    When YH could not find the right JPN words.. and was in a bit of panic..
    CM said so casually, “What do you want to say? Can you tell me in KOR?” I saw how they are in daily life..
    CM most likely helps YH to find the right expression. [cr: @sachi212tvxq]
  • (∵) Changmin, are you okay?
    (´・J・`) I guess I am a bit weird/strange tonight.
    (∵) You are much more attractive/charming to me (tonight). [cr: @raccowa]
  • When CM released his balloon..(´・J・`) look, ppl are avoiding my balloon.. saliva~! Oh no! .. something like that
    (∵) I think everyone wants Changmin’s saliva. [cr: @raccowa]







As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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