[VID/DL] 171127 Tohoshinki for FujiTV’s『Love music 東方神起 Special』(Part.2) (FULL)

Tohoshinki appeared on Fuji TV’s 『Love music』for a 『Love music 東方神起 Special』broadcast today on 00:30~01:25 JST.

Beside the talk and special footage from Reboot and the tour rehearsals, Tohoshinki delivered an amazing performance of B.U.T and Begin ~Again Version~ ^^

{p/n: this post includes fixed torrent link of the full show (~40 min)}





  • Tohoshinki on Love Music (FULL)


[cr: TVXQDrip | Tomatodrip]




[cr: wavelover]




  • Tohoshinki on Love Music (FULL) : here (1080P.ts, 3.92Gb, PW: vna6, Unzip Code: TVXQ=Yunho+Changmin)

[cr: Download Link by @SakuraAquarius: No Re-upload, No Re-edit]



  • Tohoshinki Cut (B.U.T) [MP4; 402 Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Cut (Begin ~Again Version~) [MP4; 457 Mb]: here OR here.

[cr: Links by @GLEAMTVXQ: here and here]


  • FULL  (torrent magnet; 1080i.ts; 4.18Gb):

[cr:  playmax via @TVXQDrip]



  • Tohoshinki Begin ~Again Version~ cut [ts; 426Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki B.U.T cut [ts; 383.9Mb]: here.
  • Changmin cut [ts; 2.75Gb]: here.

Baidu folder of these cuts: here.

[cr: Links by DC MAX Chadore (@chadori_): 1, 2, 3, and 4]






You can download large files from Baidu without having an account + also resume them when they time out.

{p/n: please note that we are not experts so we can’t guarantee the safety of the methods listed below and whether they are clean of malwares. We are just sharing online methods that we found working sometimes}

To download without an account:

  1. First install Tempermonkey extensions (Chrome | Firefox).
  2. Install the Baidu Helper script, reposted: here [cr: video tutorial by How-To android: here.]
  3. Refresh download page, and click the button “下载” to download.

To resume large files download (as they tend to time out):

  1. Install a download helper softwares (e.g., Internet Download Manager free 30 days trial).
  2. Download the Baidu file with it.
  3. If download was stopped or speed dropped to zero: resume by attempting to re-download the file -> copy new download URL -> update the old URL in the download helper -> resume. [cr: This method is based on the post by mikestechlife]




As we indicated above
Post Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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