[VID/DL] 171203 Tohoshinki’s Comment from Fuji TV’s 2017 FNS Music Festival Highlights #東方神起

The 2017 FNS Music Festival highlights (Fuji TV’s “超豪華!FNS歌謡祭 見どころ大公開SP”) was broadcast on 171202 at 25:15~25:25 JST (i.e. 171203 at 01:15~01:25 JST), featuring extended Tohoshinki comment.




[cr: @wr2799]


[cr: TVXQ DripTomatodrip]




  • 171202 超豪華! FNS歌謡祭 見どころ大公開SP (Tohoshinki CUT) : here (1080P.ts, 181.9Mb, PW: euwt, Unzip Code: TVXQ=Yunho+Changmin)

[cr: Download Link by @SakuraAquarius: No Re-upload, No Re-edit]

{p/n: the above baidu folder also include a download link of Tohoshinki’s cut on 170202 Fuji TV’s “2017 FNS Music Festival Chokuzen SP”.}



Tohoshinki will appear on the ceremony broadcast on 171206 (19:00~23:28) JST.




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