[Trans] 171215 TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Selected as KR Otsuka’s Male Skincare Brand, “UL·OS”~

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is the new model for KR Otsuka’s male skincare brand, UL.OS. From Jan 1st, 2018, he’ll appear on TV ads as well as print ads.


According to a UL·OS official, “While U-Know Yunho’s healthy skin is also manly, his sophisticated image also corresponds well with the UL·OS brand and so it was decided that he was the new model.” Yunho has finished shooting for UL·OS’s 2018 TV ads “Men’s Studies” version for UL·OS’s representative product, ‘All-in-One Moisturiser’.

At the shoot, Yunho displayed why he had received the nickname of “Passion Man” from fans for his enthusiasm for each cut and showing his best, getting good responses for his variety of poses and expressions. He also revealed that “he tends to have a lot of interest in skincare products in order to maintain a moisturised and healthy skin.” Also, he was “very happy to have become the model for UL·OS which is a popular brand with effective skincare that understands mens’ skin concerns and needs well.”

Yunho will be the 4th model for UL·OS following Cha Tae Hwan, Jung Woo and Eric. The UL·OS ‘All-in-One Moisturiser’ includes 3 types (skin milk, skin lotion, skin conditioner) amongst others.






서울경제 via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Share by TVXQ! Express

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