[AUD/Partial Trans] 171218 Tohoshinki on TOKYO FM「LOVE CONNECTION」, Check out Reboot Full Version!

Tohoshinki appeared live on TOKYO FM/FM OH!「LOVE CONNECTION」(broadcast 11:30~13:00 JST), where they were interviewed, and the full version of Reboot was played~

The message theme asked today is ‘during christmas, what will you do?’ where, with whom, what to do. The boys arrived at the studio around 11:34AM (JST) [cr: @LOVEstaff: 1 and 2, Translated by @clefaire: 1 and 2].


The host with the reboot single~

[cr: @LOVEstaff]


  • Full

[cr: @banbimax218 | B☆MⅠ]


[cr: TVXQDripdm_526fdf8b4839c]




Translated by @clefaire:

  • “Since it’s already the end of the year, there would be drinking party or something, but take care of yourself” Changmin [cr: via @sivasingh]
  • What present they want from Santa
    Changmin: wine (very realistic, santa might decline this😂)
    Yunho: gloves [cr: via @max18_tvxq]
  • Message to fans:
    Changmin: while trying to not catch a cold, please listen to Reboot a lot
    Yunho: please listen to Reboot [cr: via @panee0202]
  • What present you want from Santa?
    Changmin: wine, realistically. Since I was a kid, I already knew that Santa isn’t real from the beginning (realistic boi)
    Yunho: since it’s getting cold, I want gloves. [cr: via @panee0202]
  • Yunho: I was so keen on practicing and studying, but suddenly I was into dancing, and being the now Yunho w
    Changmin: you were keen on studying ne.. [cr: via @panee0202]
  • Being surprised at the increase of male fans attending the live concerts, both Yunho and Changmin answered that they both happy with it.
    Changmin: it’s difficult to be recoginsed by same-sex fans, isn’t it.  [cr: via @panee0202]





As we indicated above,
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