[PIC] 171219 東方神起 Reboot Corner at Some of Tower Records, TSUTAYA, HMV Japan, and Yamano Stores


Tower Records:


  • Shibuya

[cr: @homin106]


  • Marunouchi Building


[cr: @TOWER_Marubiru]


  • Umeda NU Chayamachi

[cr: @TOWER_NUchaya]


  • Sapporo

A 東方神起 Memorial Snow Dome Collection machine~

[cr: @TOWER_ArSapporo and @TOWER_SapporoPv]

  • Kurashiki

[cr: @TOWER_Kurashiki]


  • Tsudanuma

[cr: @TOWER_Tsudanuma]


  • PARCO Nagoya

[cr: @TOWER_NagoyaPrc]


  • Kobe

[cr: @TOWER_Kobe]




  • Shibuya

[cr: @shibutsuta_tr]


  • Shibuya

[cr: @homin106]


  • Shibuya

[cr: @anywhere4you]


HMV Japan:


  • Narita

[cr: @HMV_Narita]


  • Sannomiya

[cr: @HMV_Sannomiya]


  • Oita

[cr: @HMV_Oita]

  • Urawa

[cr: @HMV_Urawa]


  • Kyoto

[cr: @HMV_Kyoto]


  • Osaka

[cr: @HMV_Osaka]


Yamano Music:

  • mewe HASHIMOTO


[cr: @yamanohashimoto]


  • Ginza

[cr: @yamano_ginza]



As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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