[Trans/DL] 171223 東方神起 Interview for NTV’s “Zoom in! Saturday” #Reboot

Tohoshinki had an exclusive interview with NTV’s morning show “Zoom in! Saturday”.


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– In the opening of the MV, “Reboot”, I was like, “Where is this place!?”
YH: The two of us who were actually in the MV was like, “Where is this place!?”
– Oh really?
YH: The CG was amazing.
CM: I was really impressed about the modern technology behind the CG again.
– www
– I felt the strength of the bonds that you are connected to each other.
CM & YH: Thank you!
– When the camera was focused on you individually, you had very serious looks on your faces.
YH: Yes
CM: Thank you.
YH: I guess I tried really hard to look cool.
CM: Yunho takes notes on new Japanese words on his cell phone and he tries to remember the words in the car heading to the next place. YH: Yes, I do.
– Can you share us a word that you wrote it down recently?
YH: something something – ma-ku-ri
YH: like shi-ma-ku-ri (keeps doing something) or tabe-ma-ku-ri (keeps eating)
– Can you try use the phrase right now?
CM: Yes, Yasumi-ma-ku-ri-ta-i-desu. (I wish to keep taking breaks)
– Wait a second! We’are just talking about restarting your activities.www
CM: Well, it is just an example. Everyone, please do not misunderstand me/get confused.

[cr: Translated by @beriko0214]




  • Tohoshinki Full Cut [ts; 420.84 Mb]: here.

On Baidu: here.

[cr: Links by DC MAX Chadore (@chadori_): 1 and 2]



  • Tohoshinki Cut [ts; 365 Mb] : here (use one of the direct links provided in the tweet).

[cr: @enirtvxq]





As we indicated above,
Compimed and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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