[VID/Trans] 171225 東方神起 Interview for Fuji TV’s “NONSTOP!” #Reboot (FULL)

Tohoshinki had a pre-recorded interview with Fuji TV’s morning show “NONSTOP!”.




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We wish you a Merry X’mas
We wish you a Merry X’mas
We wish you a Merry X’mas
And Happy New Year!

YH&CM: Hello, everyone, we are Tohoshinki

Some changes that you experienced during the hiatus.
CM: I guess we have more wrinkles on our faces than two years ago.
YH: www
YH: We should smile like this way.
CM: You look really happy to smile like that.
YH: Yes, It is so much fun.

Q. Whose Japanese is better after two years?
CM: Yunho
YH: Changmin
YH: I am very sure that Changmin’s Japanese has improved.
CM: I am so very happy. I am too happy. I am speechless.
YH: See like this.
CM: Yunho is at his best for his will and conscience to learn Japanese.
YH: I have no choice but do it. Hahaha

Q. Who did contact the other the most in the two years?
CM: Changmin
YH: Changmin
CM: In these two years, we were apart so we tried to contact each other more than we used to be.
Q. You were not like that before?
CM: We were together..
YH: We lived together..
CM: We were together so we could just talk..
YH: we were satisfied.
CM: We could talk directly.
Narration: Before their enlistment, they lived together and now after discharged, they’ve started to live together again.
YH: Our relationship is like family, like brothers.
CM: After we lived apart, we realized how important the each other’s existence is.
YH: Yes, we realized that.
CM: It is almost Xmas now. Please hold hands and go somewhere together.
YH: You may be feeling shy to do so, but
CM: You should express your feelings to..
YH: Yes, you should express your feelings to the other one.
Q. Don’t you hold your hands together?
CM: I don’t want to do that. Hahaha
YH: Well.. that! (no)

CM: This was popular in old days.
YH: I did exactly that I anticipated.
CM: (I am the) Lucky guy!
YH: I knew if I pushed this here, this guy will fly out. I knew it.
CM: That was so fast! Please take care of yourself in the New Year.

CM: The color suited to X’mas season.
YH: I love it. I feel that this helps me to give me good luck in the future.

Xmas messages from Tohoshinki
CM: It is getting really cold but please feel warmth in your heart, that is warmer than the weather in Xmas and the last week of this year. Please take care of yourself, do not catch cold.
YH: From now on, we don’t leave you alone anymore. And we wish to continue to work as long as we can. Everyone, every time, please continue to support Tohoshinki.
YH&CM: Everyone, Merry X’mas!

Q. About LiLiCo
CM: Personally, I think LiLiCo-san is such a wonderful person. I do not have any confident to be at the same level with her. It is my problem. I am not good enough for her.
YH: In order to keep Tohoshinki going, I will do my best. Hahaha



[cr: Translated by @beriko0214: here]




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Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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