[Fanacc] 171227 Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Kyocera Dome, Osaka

2nd day of Tohoshinki’s Osaka stop was completed successfuly! On 171227, Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Kyocera Dome concert started at 18:30 and ended 21:75 (JST) [cr: @anywhere4you]!

As per usual, they switched places during Duet and White, so Yunho took the floating chair on this day while Changmin took the pole~

One of the cute moments today is Tohoshinki’s telepathy powers! when Changmin managed to translate Yunho’s random gestures into the exact word he was trying to say in Japanese www
There is also the excited Yunho “Merry Christmas~” shout > w <



Set list:

-VCR 1-
-MC: Introduction-
One More Thing
-VCR 2-
One and only one
シアワセ色の花 (Shiawase iro no hana/Flower of happiness)

-MC: Tohoshinki: Tadaima!-
逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない (Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai)
Duet -winter ver.-
Catch Me
-Toho Dancers/Band Members Introduction (Something, I Don’t Know, Suri Suri….)-
Easy Mind
I just can’t quit myself
Why? Keep Your Head Down

Rising Sun
We Are!
Summer Dream
Somebody to Love
-MC: Ending-






Fanaccount and Photos by @snxy :

  • Yesterday when the boys asked how many new fans there were; how many fans were attending a live for the first time & how many guys there were- the audience went wow at the response. TVXQ earning fans🔥
  • In my area alone, I can spot at least 5 guys 🤣 in Tohoshinki scarves, caps and with T lights
  • Yes, please! let me be hit by a flying ball or frisbee! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • TVXQ’s Red ♥️
  • ㅠㅠㅠ too much mesh top topless tohoshinki in front of me. /cries/ still going crazy over yunho coming right in front of my area and then smirking. guy fan responded: yun~~~~ho!!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ this fan has no regrets.
  • changmin in truck right in front of my area for aitakutte at eye level with eye contact wave and smile o<-<
  • singing along to catch me and doing the fanchants in korean just because
  • the difference between yunho and changmin during white (when they are standing and flying) yunho stares ahead and up, clutches pole tightly. changmin is more comfortable, waves with both hands ww
  • band intro vcr: when yunho is introducing kakiyan-san // he goes to the cafeteria to get food and sits down with his regular sized donburi. a man sits next to him with an oversized bowl. (Kakiyan-san) and Y is like wth @ the size differences
  • during easy mind qtp yunho does his aegyo on his truck and changmin is busy trying to stop his dancers who wanna copy him. www but as they come closer to each other, changmin ends up doing it reluctantly as well wwww yunho was trying to whistle and couldn’t and he did 😜
  • Yunho in front of my area during Ocean jumping smiling eye contact and he did this face again 😝😝😝😝 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Bolero #BeginAgain version is something every Tohoshinki fan has to listen live because the moved fans crying attest to its amazingness.
  • The encore VCR show Tohoshinki wearing their Sakuramichi clothes, admiring the cherry blossoms in spring. Like they are back after being away. Apt ;;
  • Yunho announced that Reboot had reached 2nd on Oricon Weekly chart and said they’d cont to work hard so thank you to fans. Changmin said he didn’t know if it could be mentioned & act he had a higher goal for it ㅠㅋ but#t they were still happy and will work harder.
  • Yunho was smiling whenever he did the T on the truck during We Are~! He’s really so handsome and has such a small face ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • The dancer gave Yunho the gun to shoot the ball and he tried to aim for the back and shoot but because the angle was off, it just landed nearby. 🤣🤣😅😅
  • The times i hold my breath; when they go flying during white / when yunho does his backflip / when he does roundhouse kicks and a breakdance on the truck. cool but still ㅜㅜ
  • At the end during the credits during rehearsal is shown. And their fight scene (good yunho changmin vs bad yunho changmin) is shown. ww they are really fighting each other ww




Fanaccounts Translated by @clefaire :

  • Yunho sang wrong lyric during bolero… [cr: @yorugohanr]
  • Yunho: let’s greet the audiences!
    Changmin: tadai—-
    Yunho: merry christmas!
    Changmin: (laughs) it’s late!
    Yunho: a great year! (New year’s greeting I suppose)
    Changmin: it’s not that! Let’s greet properly. Ready…set…
    Y&C: tadaima!!!
    BE: okaeri!!  [cr: @panee0202]
  • Talking about various new programs after their discharge.
    Yunho: look! What is this in Japanese? This…this! (While his right hand doing gestures and BE were like ????)
    Changmin: co-star?
    Yunho: right! Changmin, I didn’t even say anything. So cool  [cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • Changmin wished fans for having lovers and for not spending a lonely christmas next year. Awww sweet.  [cr: @amybrown2525kkk]
  • Changmin: the most important thing in Toho team is you guys!
    BE: kkyaaaa
    Yunho: Changmin, you are being such a good kid!
    Changmin: finally I be a good kid before my 30 years age (sneezes)  [cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • When Changmin was on the truck, he handed a frisbee to a small kid (a boy) in the first row. 🐣😍 [cr: @Lvant_Jumal]
  • Yunho: seems like our male fans increased! Let’s say something!
    Changmin: since there will be year-end drinking party, then ‘I WANT DRINK’
    Yunho: isn’t it what you wanna say, Changmin? wwwww  [cr: @tv2xq_homin125]
  • Talking about Yunho studying Japanese everyday,
    Yunho: (in Korean, he slipped suddenly saying not in Japanese) 맨날맨날
    Changmin*: it was Korean, meaning ‘everyday’ in Japanese. [cr: @mayamin26] {p/n: *It seems a typo, as it was Yunho in the fanaccount}
  • Yunho: atatai (said it wrong)
    Changmin: atatakai (right, means warm)
    Yunho: warm passion….
    Yunho is suddenly so good in Japanese thanks to Changmin www [cr: @raccowa]



Translated by @MM7608:

  • Today when they ask fan boys scream the voice
    •.• What words should they scream?
    ㅎㅅㅎ this time is last of the year so we do drink party, right? So just say “I WANT TO DRINK”
  • CM said in this Christmas we wish that we will have boy (girl) friend to will not be lonely next Christmas and YH said go to THSK concert and cheer up them with our boy(girl) friend next year
  • ㅎㅅㅎ The most precious thing in Toho team is everyone…
    BE: kyaaaa •.• Changmin is Good child
    ㅎㅅㅎ I will get 30 years old soon so when you say “good child”… He’s happy about that [cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • At the first MC
    •.• I have wanted to say these words to you
    ㅎㅅㅎ Everyone in Osaka
    •.• Merry Christmas
    ㅎㅅㅎ It’s too late, too late, today has already 27th
    •.• Happy New Year
    ㅎㅅㅎ It’s soon, it’s soon
    LOL Brother like mischievous kids [cr: @raccowa]


Translated by @2beTVXQ:

  • Today’s closing speech
    YH : Let’s grow old together. TVXQ will move forward….forever.




As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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