[Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview for Japanese magazine 「CREA」- January Issue 2018 (released 171207)

Tohoshinki for Japanese magazine 「CREA」- January Issue 2018 (released 171207) can be ordered from Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well).

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating this interview \ (*>ω<*)/



Joyful dates that the two of Tohoshinki have in their minds.

Q. You just resumed your activities after two years of hiatus, so I guess you don’t have time to think about a date. But today, it will be great if you could fantasize about a “joyful date”.
To begin with, do you have any movie or drama in your mind that have your ideal date scene?
YH: There are many. I do not know the Japanese title but, there is a Korean movie where a college student couple sneaked into an amusement park after it was closed and spend their time all alone there. It is thrilling and I think that it will be a special memory.
CM: Is that about “My Sassy Girl”?
YH: Yes, you are right. Well, it is violating the law to sneak into the amusement part (laugh). But I wish to rent the amusement park for my date.
CM: For me, it is in “1 Day” a British film. I do not have a particular scene that I like but overall it is a romantic film. Right now, They enjoy spending time together and when they are apart, they still think about each other. They are passionate and it is really lovely.
YH: I guess, I’ll change to “Beauty and Beast”. On our special day, I want to dance a waltz like them and do something special.

Q. Okay, if you are going to have a date tonight in Tokyo, where do you go?
YH: A real date!? Wait a second. I need to think about it seriously (laugh).
CM: Okay in the meantime, I will.. (laugh). If I can say something really personal, I’ve never been to Sky Tree so I wish to go there. The last time I’ve gone up the Eifel Tower, the overview of Paris was unbelievably beautiful. So some day, I wish to see such a beautiful night scene with someone that I love while holding our hands together.
YH: I guess I wish to do something that everyone does. Just like a college student couple do, to go somewhere and eat something yummy, and after that I want to spend with her all lone on a cruise ship. For all the time, I am thinking about work, so I wish to take time and talk to each other while seeing a night scene at some place where I can forget about everything and relax myself.

Q. Which situation do you prefer “Star Gazing at Camping just the two of you” or “Having dinner at a fancy restaurant in a city”
CM: I prefer the latter. I do not like camping in the middle of winter (laugh). If we are going camping then, I will wait to do so until the weather gets better and I will be prepared.
YH: I prefer the former. But I will hire a chef because I want to eat something delicious even at the camp site. What I like about camping is that we will experience something that we are totally not anticipated. But that experience will give us a impressive memory.
Q. What about you make fire by yourself because you are a man and cook something for her?
YH: I do that all the time (laugh). I need to offer my princess something very special for the X’mas.

Q. Do you remember about your first date?
YH: I was a freshman in high school. I went to a school of a girl with whom I decided to go out, in disguise, and gave her a single rose as a surprise gift. My friends who were helping me also gave her a single rose one by one and at the end, I took a mask off my face and told her, “It is me.”
CM: I should give you an additional explanation. There is a similar scene in “My Sassy Girlfriend” (laugh).
YH: I admit that I got the idea from the movie, but I think that I have something common in my personality with the main character. After I gave her the gift, we all got on a sightseeing boat and that I paid from my pocket by saving money from a part-time job.

Q. How was she?
YH: She was really happy. (shyly) I tried to be a cool character until then. I wanted to do something for her because it was our first date. But I thought that instead of giving her some gift (that is a bit boring idea) so I planned a surprise gift for her.
CM: I don’t know what to say about my first date. I hadn’t dated with anyone in elementary school, junior high school and high school. I am telling you the truth. But if I really need to say something, then when I was the freshman in high school, I went to a river with one of my female friends and we walked along the river, talking… and holding our hands…

Q. I think it was a date, wasn’t it (laugh)?
CM: No! We just kept walking.. we also were talking… Can I tell you the truth? I went out with a girl who had a potential to be my girlfriend but…there was not much for us to talk about.. and the conversation was boring.. and that was it. Such a sad story.

Q. Has your view of women changed from that you had when you were young?
YH: Actually, my ideal type has changed greatly. I used to like a woman who is much stronger minded than myself. But these days, I have become to like someone who share the same sense of values.
CM: It is hard for me to deal with a stronger minded woman to begin with (laugh). I like someone who is kind and interesting to talk to. I like someone that I can communicate with very well.
YH: If I find someone that I feel “this is the one”, I want to take her to a date and visit a pet shop. I can see her true self when she plays with animals.

Q. Lastly, which Tohoshinki’s song do you recommend us for a date?
YH: Wedding Dress!
CM: Straight to marriage!?
YH: Ahaha.. I will be in trouble (laugh).
CM: I think “Telephone” the lyrics is just about a couple whispering to each other.
YH: Okay then, I will chose, “Aitakute, Aitakute” but if people can come to Tohoshinki live tour for their dates, that would be fantastic.
CM: It is the place where we can meet again with everyone who had waited for us for two years. So of course, if people come to the concert for their dates that would be great.. but I am really happy that we can meet someone that we’d wanted to see so badly.
YH: Two years ago, at the final of our tour, I said, “I-tte-ki-masu (I am leaving)”. So I want to tell everyone, “Ta-da-i-ma (I’m home/I’m back) and show everyone true ourselves. I want to directly convey our gratitude to our fans through singing and dancing.


{t/n: About CREA interview article, i kinda stuck somewhere in translating the narration/monologue part of the interviewer. so if you don’t mind, i’ll just translate what YH and CM talked about.}


Q. What thoughts did you have in your minds when you had the press conference tour in Seoul/Tokyo/HongKong?
YH: To be honest with you, I was not sure whether people had been waiting for us since we were absent for two years. But to my surprise, as soon as I met with people in Japan at the press tour, my mind was quickly set to the level that I had previously when I worked as Tohoshinki.
I was able to focus my mind, “I will make a brand new start. This is a real thing.” Right now, I wish that I can show you many different sides of me, of course as Tohoshinki but also personally.
CM: About resuming our activities, I still feel a bit nervous. But the joy that I feel because I could work again is much stronger than my nervousness. When I returned, my schedule was already all booked (laugh). This is really a great thing. I wish to enjoy working one task at a time, while feeling so happy that I could work again.

Q. About the three songs that you personally selected and included in the new album, “Fine Collection~Begin Again~”.
CM: These three songs that we personally selected are songs that we feel very confident about and also we have been loving these songs all these years. I think these three songs are very special to this album because you could feel how matured our vocals and our emotions are.

Q. About the new single, “Reboot”
YH: I wanted to make this song to convey the real Tohoshinki right now. It has the color of Tohoshinki but we also integrated the current music style. I think the product is beyond what I have anticipated and it is really great. If someone only listens to this song, I think the person could easily imagine how our tour this time will be.

Q. About the two years of hiatus
CM: I thought about my view of life and the way of living. From now on, I wish to broaden my horizons and I want to look around the outside world.
YH: As a person, I wish to experience many different things. And I wish to integrate such experiences to Yunho of Tohoshinki and that would give Tohoshinki a new power.

Q. What kind of 30’s do you want to spend?
CM: I think my key word is “To enjoy”. I really love music but sometimes I feel stressed if I continue to deal with music as my work. Sometimes, I feel stressed in my personal life and in relationship with other people. In order to reduce my stress level, I wish to do something that I can do while enjoy doing so at my own pace.
YH: My key word for my 30’s is “Just the way I am”. I am a passionate type to begin with and I just kept running until now. But I hope I can relax myself a little and show others who really I am. Some time I feel down. At such time, instead of trying to push myself up/raise my tension up, I want to show people how I will overcome obstacles as I do. I think in that way, I look more masculine and mature.





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