[Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview for Japanese magazine 「SPUR」- February issue 2018 (Released 171221)

Tohoshinki were featured in Japanese magazine 「SPUR」- February issue 2018 (Released 171221) with the theme「homecoming」! You can order the magazine from amazon japan: here (kindle is available but doesn’t include Tohoshinki’s pages :/, only in the physical copy).

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating this interview \ (*^ω^*)/




{p/n: full translation of Tohoshinki’s interview itself, i.e. doesn’t include editor commentary}

SPUR Special Long Interview TOHOSHINKI
Yunho and Changmin talked about their “Precious time and Feeling of love”.
~After we had been separated, we understood the importance of each other.~


Q. Your fans and SPUR had been so looking forward to your return! First of all, can the two of you tell us how you were during the two years?
YH: Yes. Prior to the two years, I worked as Yunho of TOHOSHINKI but in these two years, I spent some important time as Jung Yunho to look back myself. I thought over the path that I took while working very hard. I also thought about the new path leading to my future as a human being, Jung Yunho, as well as Yunho of TOHOSHINKI. And thinking about these things made me excited about my future!
CM: For me, it was the period of a new turning point. The environment that I was in was completely different from where I was previously and it was really hard because I had hard time for getting used to that kind of life and sometimes I felt inconvenience. On the other hand, I was able to do something that I could not do well previously. Like reading a book or keeping my journal. I think after all it was a good experience for me to challenge myself in many aspects.

Q. Had you thought about the other person and missed him?
CM: Yes, of course. I had taken being able to have Yunho always with me for granted. So after he was gone, I realized, for the first time, how important his existence is to me. It is the same thing about your family. After you left your family, you realize, “Ah, my family is really important to me.” I felt exactly the same way about Yunho. And it was not just about Yunho. It was about our fans and staffs. I learned that those people that I had taken being able to have them around me for granted. But I should not have taken them for granted. Therefore, I started to think that I should never forget to have gratitude to them and I also need to repay their kindness.
YH: Yes. In relating to what Changmin just said.. Previously, we were together about 17 years and Changmin was always right next to me when I was happy, sad, or feeling lonely. But he disappeared out of the blue, sometimes I thought, ‘Ah~ What Changmin is doing now?” and when I saw a stage of other artists on TV, once in a while, I thought “Ah~ I want to show how cool we are together with Changmin.” Therefore, I wanted to show Changmin, the Yunho he knew plus Yunho who are matured when we meet again. And I also thought that .. not trying to put any pressure to Changmin .. and it is okay to take time.. I wish to make our mutual trusts stronger than ever.

Q. The theme of this photo shoot is, “O-ka-e-ri-na-sai” and we used the setting that you were returning your home. I heard that the two of you live separately in Korea. Can you tell us about your places?
YH: The living room in my place is huge and there are not many things. That is the concept. I did not intend to make the room like that, but I just moved into this new place and I wish to make the room as a movie theater so I purchased sofas and a huge TV first. But I got too busy immediately so I have not finished the room yet. But those who visited me complimented that the room has its character.

Q. I guess, there are not many stuffs and rather empty.. and that became the concept?
YH: Yes. But it is too shibui. The wall is off-white and the room is in mono-tone. So a friend of mine said that “Is this room styled too masculine?” There is a room that I do not use right now and I want to make the room as a party room.
CM: Are you going to place a “The Game of Life” there?
YH: Yes, I have two “The Game of Life” already (laugh). I brought Jenga and darts game.. and all games that I have to my new place. I will place these games in line and also place a poster on the wall. I will set up lighting like those in studio. Only that room is small. It is full with four people. But actually that makes the room great! I am excited about that.
CM: Like Don Quixote?
YH: It won’t be as crowded as that (laugh). Changmin’s place is totally in different atmosphere from mine. Where I live is in the residential area in the suburb surrounded by nature but Changmin’s place in in the middle of the city.
CM: Yes, you are right. My place is, the walls of each room are in different colors. For example, my living room floor and wall are in white. I like lighting fixtures that produce calming atmosphere. So the room may look like a bar. I made the room to be a place where I want to enjoy drinking and cooking with my friends.

Q. Do Korean men like to have a drink at home?
CM: I guess, it depends on the person. I think I have a drink at home a bit more than the ordinary people. Even I have a drink outside, I will have a drink at home after wise.
YH: Do you drink a glass of wine to complete the day?
CM: Yes (laugh). I love to drink so I have a lot of alcoholic drinks at home. Also I worked a bit hard to hook speakers to Bluetooth like a hotel so when I put music on, then you can hear the music in every room of my place.
YH: Wow, you are so stylish.
CM: I have speakers placed on the shieling. That is the best thing that I could tell you about my place.

Q. Are there any changes in the way you think about love these days compared to when you were in your 20’s?
YH: I think I changed a lot. Specifically since last year. I used to like a woman who has strong mind. In everyday life, I am a leader so I wanted to be led by someone in my love life. But lately, I like someone who shares the sense of values. She would look at me as the way I am and laughs together with me and I can discuss anything with her. That all matters. So it is not important to me whether she is pretty or not (laugh). But speaking of which, if we get along, she will look prettier in my eyes.
CM: To be honest with you, when I was young, I cared a lot about appearance (laugh). But these days, I want to be with someone who get along with me and share the similar hobbies. Such person will make me feel relaxed when we are together, but she may be boring. Well, there are merits and demerits.
YH: Wow, out of the blue, you said four character idiom (laugh).
CM: Okay, so not someone who makes me feel relaxed but she is really funny and makes me happy too. I love someone like that.

Q. Do you care anything about women’s fashion?
YH: I like a woman who looks great in sneakers (tennis shoes) but high heals. Someone looks great in a white T-shirts. I think someone looks great in simple items, looks great in any kind of clothes. Then, if someone who usually wears casual clothes dresses up, then she will look even more attractive to me.
CM: Speaking of high heels.. When I see someone with high heels but the heels look a bit worn out.. I think about her. I think the person must have worked really hard.. and the worn out heals are the proof that she worked hard. and I feel touched.
YH: After hearing this, there would be many women who would have worn-out heels (laugh).

Q. Lastly,you are in the middle of the Five Dome Tour in Japan, can you tell us about your enthusiasm towards your live tour and your ambitions for the future?
YH: The last Japanese tour, I said, “I-tte-ki-ma-su! (I am going!)” then, this time, everyone had waited to me. So I stand on stage with the thought, “Ta-da-i-ma (I am home/back)”. I wish to make this tour as heartwarming and everyone feels that “home” is the most important place.
CM: Yes, I wish to create a place to meet again and fully enjoy for us and audiences. Previously, when I got exhausted after working very hard, I tended to say, “I want to take a break.” But in these two years, because I was not able to work, I realized so hard, “I want to be on stage.” “I want to sing that song.” Especially I had no opportunity to sing our Japanese songs, I felt strongly like that. Right now, I can sing as much as I want so I am really happy.
YH: I feel the same way. I will do our best to show you not only cool TOHOSHINKI but also heartwarming TOHOSHINKI. Please continue to support us as the tour, new album, and new single “Reboot” are filled with our gratitudes to you all and our fighting spirits.
CM: And a brand new year will being very soon. I hope that you all stay healthy in peace.





Translated by @beriko0214: 1, and 2,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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