[INFO] 180130 Notice on Early Ticket Reservations『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』Super Premium Seats Early Applications (6-year-or-more Bigeast Limited)

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Application period: 2018/2/6 (Tue)15:00 until 2018/2/9 (Fri)18:00 (JST)

The 6-year-or-more Bigeast Limited early ticket reservations for『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』Super Premium Seats.

『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』
6/8 (Fri) NISSAN STADIUM:  Opens 15:00/ Starts 17:00
6/9 (Sat) NISSAN STADIUM:  Opens 15:00/ Starts 17:00
6/10 (Sun) NISSAN STADIUM:  Opens 15:00/ Starts 17:00

※Opening and Starting times may change.

★Ticket Price/Number Limits
Super Premium Seat ¥24,800 (Tax included)
※6-year-or-more Bigeast Limited (Members who have done 5 years of membership continuation)

※Only one per membership (Fanclub membership holder only)
※Service fee is 500 Yen per ticket/Delivery fee is 850 Yen per performance
※This early ticket reservation of Super Premium Seat is for the sales of【Super Premium Seat】tickets only.

■『Super Premium Seat』Information
・Arena seat.
・Exclusive original tickets with face photo, Limited original goods with benefits, and a special entrance.
・The「Limited Original Goods」to be handed at the venue on the seat’s performance day only, not on any other performance days.
The same applies to any goods exchange because of defects: on performance day only.
・Only the holders of the membership numbers that were picked by lottery and paid for their tickets will be admitted.

※Claims/Refunds on seats are not accepted.
※To apply for Super Premium Seat, registration of face photo is required during the application period. You can’t register your face photo after application period ends.
Please take a note that if there is no face photo registered, the application will be considered incomplete and you will be excluded from the lottery.
※Before applying, please have your face photo data ready then proceed by clicking on「チケット申込」(Ticket application).
※Registering the face photo data takes sometime to be completed, so please allow plenty of time for this.
※Those who have won and paid for their Super Premium Seats are required to bring a Photo ID with them on the day of performance.
People with no photo identification card and can not verify their identity will not be admitted.

Please check the location of the『Super Premium Seat』as illustrated in the seat plan below.

Shaded seats on the photos are as follows:
Red: Super Premium Seat
Yellow: Premium Seat
Light Blue: Arena
Dark Blue:  Stand

【Super Premium Seat Application Targets】
Bigeast members who have been members for 6 years or more (renewed for 5 times) and their membership expiration date is within 2018/2~2019/1 are eligible candidates for Super Premium Seats.

Click on the link below to see where you can check your membership years:

【Before you apply】
※Please check all posted information on the application site before you apply.
※Tickets are on a [Booking Application / Lottery System] basis, not on a first-come first-served basis.
※Heavy website traffic is expected right after application opens and right before it ends.
※Use either a PC or a smartphone when you apply.

【About Members Information】
For this application, you can not apply if your information on the fanclub is not registered properly. Please confirm your information such as the phone number, postal code, address etc. on the fanclub website before 2/4 (Sun) at 23:59 through the Fanclub website tab [マイページ](my page)>[会員情報変更](Change Membership Information).

Please note) You may not be able to log in the application website if your registration information are incorrect, such as incomplete phone number.
So please check these details in advance.
In addition, for those who mistakenly registered incorrect details for their date of birth, sex, or their name, please contact the Bigeast website via the inquiry form by 2/1 (Thu) 23:59.

【Application Period】
2018/2/6 (Tues) 15:00~2018/2/9 (Fri) 18:00

【Lottery Results/Payment Period】
2018/2/20 (Tue) 12:00~2018/2/23 (Fri) 23:59

【About Application webite】
Application website URL will be sent to the application targets only via email by 2018/2/6 (Tue) 12:00. If you haven’t received an email, please check your email history at the Bigeast website.

※Please prepare your membership ID (number) and passwords as they would be required during the application.

【About the membership ID input】
Please enter your 6-digit membership number in the ID box.
If your memebrship ID number is not 6 digits, please add zeros “0” at the beginning of your membership number (until the total is 6 digits).

【About the password input】
Please input the same as your Bigeast membership password as of 2018/2/4 (Sun).

In case you don’t know your password, please use the inquiry form at the website by 2/7 (Wed). Choose the inquiry subject as「パスワードが分からない」(I don’t know my password) and state your membership number, name and date of birth (and other details), as well as stating that you don’t know your password from 2/4 「2018年2月4日(日)時点のパスワードが不明」.





Tohoshinki Official Fanclub Bigeast Website,
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