[Compilation] 180313 Tohoshinki For『Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2018 THE MISSION IV』at Osaka-jo Hall First Day (Part.2)

For the first time in three years, Tohoshinki Fanclub events came back again! Today’s the first day of the fan meeting was at Osakajo Hall: Round 1 started on 15:05 and ended 17:25 [@anywhere4you] while Round 2 started 19:00


Set list:
Kimi no Inai Yoru
Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai

[cr: @anywhere4you]


Post include photos and fan accounts~


[cr: @moteco26]






Translated by @snxy:

  • 3/13 rd2- in the cooking corner, Yunho mentioned he had gone to Tsurutotan
    Y: when there’s time, I would go to a curry udon shop (emphasis here) or so to eat.
    Changmin was nodding his head a lot. As expected, today Homin was being Homin as well [cr: @choco_0707]
  • Yunho mentioned that whenever they came to Osaka, he would go with Changmin to a curry udon shop. He even mentioned the name: Tsurutontan!
    Changmin: oh (you mentioned) the name?
    *same curry udon shop whose udon size C was gushing about in 2011 [cr: @passion_mansour]

  • 3/13 the 2 appeared in a fitting room-like small box. It was rly near fans.
    Yunho: a rare way of appearing. We aren’t used to it so we don’t know the timing (when the door will open) in our ears (in-ears), staff are saying “doors opening, doors opening” [cr: @urhr_4412, JP-KR Translated by @ryuda_t]
  • -cont 3/13-
    Changmin: i knew that (their appearance on stage in the box) it would be close to fans but when I opened my eyes and I was surprised (as it was so close to them)
    Yunho: it was so close that it’s really shy and embarrassing here. [cr: @urhr_4412, JP-KR Translated by @ryuda_t]
  • The Mission IV’s theme was voyage, a journey to find the red ocean (vague) as it is a sea and voyage theme, the logo resembled a compass. As the response of Bigeast was small,
    Yunho: (laughs)
    Changmin: ah as I thought  [cr: @urhr_4412, JP-KR Translated by @ryuda_t]
  • Yunho had borrowed a beverage {t/n: the interior room coordi challenge} and poured it into a cup and sipped it a little.
    Changmin: is that alcohol? Smells like it! (Looks at the cup) strawberry sparkling..
    Yunho: cos I like strawberry!
    Adorable how he likes 🍓 [cr: @koridori14, JP-KR Translated by @ryuda_t]





Translated by @clefaire:

  • #ビギイベ大阪初日 second round:
    Changmin x Squid.
    A fans brought the Begin Again Tour Premium Seat goods and Changmin said it was a squid.
    Changmin: no matter how you see it, it’s a squid
    Minsil: isn’t it (premium) goods?
    Changmin: nah, it’s obviously a squid. 😂

    [cr: @Shim_Ls2v2]





Translated by @beriko0214:

  • (*∵) When we come to Osaka, with Changmin, I often go to a restraunt to have a bowl of curry udon noodles. I can share you the name of restaurant. Tsuru-ton-tan.
    (´◎J◎`) you told the name of the restaurant.. [cr: @smile_MOMO_Co]







As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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