[Compilation] 180313 Tohoshinki For『Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2018 THE MISSION IV』at Osaka-jo Hall First Day

For the first time in three years, Tohoshinki Fanclub events came back again! Today’s the first day of the fan meeting was at Osakajo Hall: Round 1 started on 15:05 and ended 17:25 [@anywhere4you] while Round 2 started 19:00


Set list:
Kimi no Inai Yoru
Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai

[cr: @anywhere4you]


Post include photos from the venue and goods and fan accounts from both rounds~



[cr: @moteco26]


Fans inside venue (Round 1)

[cr: @key468]


Round 1



[cr: @moont75]




[cr: @lovehug48]


Begin Again Tour Costume exhibition

Tohoshinki’s 2018 Kakizome and monthly Senryuu on display~

[cr: @anywhere4you]


[cr: @maxchangminmayu]


seat plan


[cr: @akira81825]


Four kinds of Tohoshinki’s receipt messages! (Translation in the section below)


[cr: @red_tvxq_427]


Chalk board of Cafe & Pancakes gram nearby with Tohoshinki drawings~

[cr: @yuuki420]



Opening/Ending times

[cr: @choreomacha]


long line at 10:30!



[cr: @hanataro1046]


Autographs to Osakajo Hall at nearby Sakura Dining

[cr: @maxchangminmayu]


Candies sold out at 16:45

[cr: @jh0422tvxq]


at about 20:40, badges, calendar and candies were sold out



[cr: @kasuminmin1]






Fanaccount and photos by @lovehug48:

  • 1st round bigeast fan event finished, total sang 5 songs 🤗 start from Reboot end with 逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない
  • After fan event finished, present to bigeast 😍😍😍😍😍
  • #Yunho chef come back again in bigeast fan event mission IV ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ lots of fun today #ユンホ 超かわいい🤣
  • #Tohoshinki bigeast fan event Mission IV songs list ~
    1. Reboot
    2. spinning
    3. 君のいない夜
    4. サクラミチ
    5. 逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない





Translated by @snxy:

  • 7,000 ppl expected at the first of Tohoshinki The Mission fanmeets in Osaka today. Already 150-200 people were there in the early morning lining up for goods.

    [cr: @yunochaami_ton]
  • 3/13 Tohoshinki’s receipt messages for THE MISSION
    ⑴ I am so happy to see everyone of Bigeast again this year!!
    ⑵ i want to meet you.. want to meet you x2! dying to (really want to)
    ⑴ it’s been a long time since a Bigeast event, it’s nice~
    ⑵ let’s overcome hayfever
    [cr: @Shim_Ls2v2]
  • 180313 Mission 1st rd content:
    ① coordi face-off
    ② cooking (indiv)
    ③ tug-of-war
    ④ mini live: Reboot, Spinning, Kimi no Inai Yoru (A Night Without You), Sakuramichi, Aitakute, Aitakute, Tamaranai [cr: @mayamin26]
  • TM RD 1 cooking ingredients #TVXQ
    Yunho: toki tamago (egg with water), canned tomatoes, red paprika, Chinese noodles, 5 cherry tomatoes, pork, oil, starch syrup, carrots, sauce
    Changmin: prawns, olive oil, salt, pepper, pasta, onions, broccoli(?) [cr: @_nmhsnr]
  • As Yunho’s apron got caught on the monitor, Bigeast went “cute~~~♥️”
    looking into the camera, Yunho went “i’m not cute!”
    // no, you are 🤣[cr: @urhr_4412, JP-KR Translated by @ryuda_t]
  • during the room interior coordinating face-off – Yunho gathered many stuffed toys, and sat them all on the sofa for a birthday party~ 😂😂 [cr: @ytvxqc61820, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]




Translated by @clefaire:

  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    The better fanaccount:
    Yunho: a panda and a dog was in a deep love, and then TB was born. 😂 [cr: @homin2tvxq]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    Changmin cooked tomato pasta, and when he almost finished he asked the dancer to taste it.
    Changmin: how was it?
    Dancer: only the taste of tomato can be tasted.
    And Changmin was like 😆😆😆. It looked nice tho and he worked hard choosing the ingredients [cr: @mayamin26]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    a tips for Changmin fans. No matter how close you are to Changmin, please consider to look at the screen because Changmin’s fan service through the camera was really intense this round. He winked too. (OP said, this is the highest record. 😂) [cr: @love_chococha]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    L M A O.
    Behind OP sat a kid maybe 5 years old. When he knew the dancer will eat the dish Yunho cooked after it finished, he muttered: ‘poor him. poor him.’ 😂😂😂😂😂
    This tho. I can’t. 😂 [cr: @hatonokuni]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    Changmin has become really good. After he finished the delicious cooking, he put the dish in the center, diligently wiping the frying pan with kitchen paper, and also the table, and also threw it to the garbage bin. ❤ [cr: @u06max]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    During the borrowing items from fans session, changmin borrowed a bag.
    Changmin: sorry but is it ok if I open this?
    Bigeast: eeeeee!
    Changmin: nononono I will definitely not! 😂 [cr: @urhr_4412]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    Changmin: I already know that the distance of us and the fans are really close, but I still feel surprised by how close it is every time I open my eyes..
    Yunho: yes it’s too close and I feel really embarrassed. XD [cr: @urhr_4412]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    The way Yunho treated the TB doll: he hugged it with a motherly expression, comforting it, caressing its head as if it was his baby ;; he also piggybacked it, when he gave it to the staff, he patted its head too… so cute ;;;; (I can’t😢) [cr: @koridori14]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    Yunho let Minsil-san tasted his cooking
    Yunho: it tastes better than it looks, the taste is strong😂
    Minsil: I think the taste will remain till I sleep Yunho: I will remember how it taste even when I’m already at home
    Changmin: it’s tasty but it destroyed the taste. [cr: @urhr_4412]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    It showed in the monitor when Yunho wore the apron. BE were all ‘kawaii~❤’
    but Yunho responded while looking at the camera, ‘I’m not cute’ ok🤷‍♀️👌 [cr: @urhr_4412]
    ‘Changmin’s bangs was styled diagonally at first but when he sang, the bangs were all come out and and he became the Changmin Everyone Loves.’ [cr: @love_chococha]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    While borrowing the stuffs from fans,
    Changmin: ah, snacks!
    Changmin: another snacks!
    Changmin: why did you even bring this stuff here? 😂 [cr: @ytvxqc61820]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    Changmin borrowed a bag from a male fans. ‘Sorry but can I open it?’ w and he discovered a mask. ‘Uwaaa. There’s a mask. Hay fever is painful ne…’ [cr: @homin2tvxq]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    Changmin was a quick-wet type before cooking. He wiped his hand with wet tissue, wiped the dancer’s hand as well and Tamiya-san did so after seeing that, he also passed the wet tissue to Yunho. So kind. [cr: @mayamin26]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round
    They borrowed a drink and poured it into a glass. Yunho drank it a little.
    Changmin: is this beer? (Smelled it) it’s sweet! (Looked at the container) Strawberry Sparkling…..
    Yunho: because I love strawberries! ;;;;;; cute [cr: @koridori14]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 second round.
    The way Changmin cooks looked like a 15 years marriage woman, but the way he served it neatly was as if he’s a new wife.
    HFKSHSKSHSJSH WHY [cr: @SaranheMax28g]





Translated by @beriko0214:

  • The ending remark from CM
    Today’s event is not something like that we entertained you by singing and dancing but we were in the close distance from you and breathed the same air and played together. So personally I had so much fun with you. [cr: @satosa49]
  • We can see you again at Nissan, next time. I guess some of you are having difficult time as the pollen season has come. Please take care of yourselves. [cr: @maxchangminmayu]




Translated by @MM7608:

    Bill messages
    •.• I want to meet you…I want to meet you!! so much ~
    ㅎㅅㅎ It’s been long time for Bigeast event, so good ~ [cr: @anywhere4you]
    Have another bill message from Yunho
    “I’m so happy when we could meet BE today” [cr: @hatonokuni]
  • So TVXQ THE MISSION IV EVENT have 4 bills
    1 more Changmin’s is “Let’s overcome hay fever” [cr: @red_tvxq_427]


Translated by @TVXQ_RedID:

  • #ビギイベ大阪 first round .
    Yunho: a panda and a wolf was in a deep love, and then TB was born .
    Changmin : sssssst its a secret .  [cr: @homin2tvxq]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 second round.
    If they have time, every time they go to Osaka, they will definitely eat Tsurutontan Udon! XD [cr: @tvxq11snsd10]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 second round.
    Seems like OP brought the premium seat goods from Begin Again tour, and prof Changmin said: ‘no matter how you see it, this is still a squid’. 😂 [cr: @smile_MOMO_Co]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 second round. The person seated in front of OP asked Yunho himself, and Yunho said his hair color is blue gray, as expected by everyone! 😊😄 [cr: @yyrms]
  • #ビギイベ大阪 second round. Yunho really loves stuffed animals it seems. If he sees it, he will touch it, stroke its head, talk to it…. Yunho really loves cute things ❤😭 [cr: @yumiyumi2618]
  • ビギイベ大阪 second round
    Minshil: (to Changmin) is that scrambled egg?
    Changmin: yea, that’s right
    Yunho: that’a right.Yunho, it’s not. 😂 [cr: @choco_0707]







The sparkly costumes from the tour!

[cr: @xx_llarigo_xx]





As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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