[Compilation] 180317 Tohoshinki For『Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2018 THE MISSION IV』at Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall Second Day (Part.2)

The 17th was the second day of THE MISSION IV fan meeting at Makuhari Messe Exhibition hall, with round one starting at 14:00 and round 2 starting at 18:00

Tsutsumi-san was present~ ^ ^*



[cr: @DeniseJCChen]





  • When Yunho heard Changmin got octopus, he’s crazy laughing 😂🤣


  • The last decoration from Yunho chef


[cr: @DeniseJCChen: 1 and 2]




Translated by @snxy :

  • 3/7 tbh Yunho’s veg pancake didn’t look appetising😅 he also put a lot of ketchup, mayo & seaweed flakes on😅 however when Changmin saw it, he wasn’t surprised & even seemed genuinely happy
    C: looks delish, i’m looking fwd to it~😚
    /That’s love 😂❤
    [cr: @panee0202, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206]
  • 3/17 tsutsumi-san came😭😭💕💕 the moment tsutsumi-san appeared, Yunho’s tension⤴︎⤴︎
    When Tsutsumi-san said let’s begin!
    Y: what is this! I totally was unaware! If I had known, I would have made it even more unappetising!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ[cr: @natsu723summer, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206]
  • 3/17 during the coordinate challenge, Yunho was in e role of a detective searching for his stolen heartㅋ
    Y: the culprit (who took his heart) is in this venue (gestures ard the venue)
    Y: the culprit is 👉(points at Changmin)
    C:.. me? what, me..?!
    /Ended 🤣 [cr: @kuzu_tvxq, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]
  • 3/17 Yunho was expl. his concept for TB-chan’s bday party
    Y: this horse, Changmin had prev..
    C: 🐎(mimicks one)
    Y: Recently, Changmin’s been absorbed in the guitar so 🎸
    Y: this~ is the one piece that C likes
    C ….。oO(so everything’s mine)
    /TB-chan’s party, but all was C’s☺[cr: @raccowa, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206]
  • One of the items that Yunho borrowed for the fanmeeting coordinate challenge segment was TVXQ’s elementary school graduation photos~ qtp!

  • [cr: @_hereistand_]



Translated by @clefaire:

  • #ビギイベ幕張2日目 Changmin identified pork as beef.
    Changmin: this is beef? Beef right? It was wrong so Minsil-san told him it was pork.
    Changmin was >_< oh snap 😂[cr: @ma18min]




Translated by @kyuju32810:

  • 180317 TVXQ FC FM-changkyu part
  • the theme for ‘matching’ segment was “a friend’s bday”. CM chose KH bday. he borrowed a fan’s KH fan & pretended it was KH sitting on the sofa.lots of wine bottles & glasses were on the table. he said they’re always drinking together [cr: 最强斑比]
  • 180317 TVXQ FM Changkyu part add-on
    the Kyu fan CM used was borrowed from a fan in the audience
    cm said kyu has been learning japanese v diligently & still v ‘self-proud’ about it
    kyu doesn’t like to only drink beer coz (he)gets full v fast,so they drink 폭탄주 (soju+beer) [cr: @raccowa, JP-CN Translated by cup_20190524]






As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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