[Compilation] 180318 Tohoshinki For『Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2018 THE MISSION IV』at Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall Last Day

The 28th was the third and last day of THE MISSION IV fan meeting at Makuhari Messe Exhibition hall, with round one starting at 14:00 and round 2 starting at 18:00



[cr:  @moteco26]








Translated by @clefaire:

  • #ビギイベ幕張2日目 Yunho borrowed this T shirt during the coordination game HAHAHAHAHA and it fitted him so much, it looked real lol…the fan who brought it though it was awesome on him too 😂

    [cr: @seamonkey2273]

  • #ビギイベ幕張2日目 during the cooking session Yunho made something which was named Homurice (homerice/omurice). Was named that so the fans can make it at home immediately. 😂 meanwhile Changmin made something like breakfast [cr: @tntnyncm]
  • Yunho while putting the grated onion into the frying pan, ‘good smell❤’ cutely, then he measured shoyu with a spoon. XD [cr: @bigeast1ooochan]
  • A truth from Changmin’s mouth: he (Yunho) is actually can drink (he’s actually strong) but it’s his will that he don’t want to drink it. 😍 [cr: @raccowa]
  • #ビギイベ幕張2日目 During cooking, Changmin often worried at Yunho and went ‘I will stop cooking for a while and go there to look’ sure he was worried for hyung❤ [cr: @homin212yamasan]
  • After played with TB and they went to the other stage, Yunho: TB going there! (With the same expression as TB and walked like TB) too cute. ;;;;; [cr: @yunhonho]
  • 180318 #ビギイベ幕張3日 second round
    Because Yunho wholeheartedly tasted Changmin’s dish, the sauce was dripped onto the top of his head mic and it stayed there till the end of the event. 😂 [cr: @homin212yamasan]
  • 180318 #ビギイベ幕張3日目 second round
    This time, Changmin while seeing Yunho doing acrobat apron wearing: ‘Cool! Really cool! For me it’s impossible!’ [cr: @raccowa]
  • 180318 #ビギイベ幕張3日目
    Changmin: Yunho sensei, do you use cabbage?
    Yunho: it’s ok if you use it (concentrated)
    After that, he screamed and it got higher whatever he did.
    Changmin: since it’s worrisome I will stop cooking and just look at it. [cr: @Ikuko0606]
  • 180318 #ビギイベ幕張3日目 When Changmin finished the food, Yunho was waiting while holding his chopstick.
    Changmin: but the appearance is kinda….
    Yunho: izokay izokay! It’s so tasty tho!And Changmin looked a bit shy😆 [cr: @raccowa]
  • 180318 #ビギイベ幕張3日目 Changmin decided to revive the ‘only male fans say’ during the Begin Again tour today.
    Changmin: who is the dancing machine?
    Male fans: Yunho!And Yunho was really shy but happy. 😄😏 [cr: @Ikuko0606]







As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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