[VID/DL] 180331 TVXQ Performed #Love_Line and #운명 #The_Chance_Of_Love for their Comeback Stage at MBC’s Show! Music Core #TVXQ! #동방신기

TVXQ! performed Love Line and the Chance of Love for comeback stage on MBC’s “Show! Music Core”! and links have been posted on TVXQ SNS as usual~

Their stage, broadcast at the end, was super amazing ㅠㅠ and the fanchants were super loud > w <! At the end those 15-years old seniors were seen at the back politely bowing while greeting othersㅠㅠ and even dispatch made a post about it~


Official Full episode live, below:

TVXQ at 55:30~

Performance cuts:

  • Love Line

  • The Chance of Love

Spot TVXQ at the end too~

[cr: MBCkpop]

On naver, as posted on TVXQ’s twitter and facebook:

  • Love Line: here
  • The Chance of Love: here

[cr: 쇼 음악중심]

Official One-camera Video of the Chance of Love:


  • TVXQ

[cr: MBCentertain]


TVXQ! bowing at the end~

[cr: Dispatch]



  • 180331 MBC “Show! Music Core” TVXQ Cut [.ts; 938.31 Mb]:

[cr: Download link by @TVXQDrip :here]



  • 180331 MBC “Show! Music Core” TVXQ Cut [.ts; 1.1 Gb]: here

[cr: Download link by @enirtvxq: here]



TVXQ 3rd on Naver search

[cr: @LikeX218]

and Love Line performance article featured on naver main~




MBCkpop and MBCentertain,
and as indicated above,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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