[Trans] 180502 Tohoshinki on ZIP! for their Cameo in NTV’s Drama “Tensai Bakabon 3” (180504 at 21:00~22:54 JST)

Tohoshinki’s cameo for NTV’s “Tensai Bakabon 3” (the drama version) will air on 5/4 (Fri) at 21:00~22:54 JST!

Japanese morning news ZIP reported on it~




YH: Hello everyone who are watching Zip!
Good morning! We are Tohoshinki.

Hori-ken: Wow you have grown up to be superstars.
YH: No, no, not really.
Hori-ken: You are going to sing a song after this.
YH: We have to do that because you asked us to do.
CM: Also, this is the place where we have a lot of fond memories.

Narrator: How was the atmosphere?
CM: It was so much fun, wasn’t it?
YH: I became interested in the hat.
CM: Because we do not need to set our hairstyle (under the hat), I thought that it was really convenient.
YH: Hahaha




Video by @t_yukichi,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Shared by TVXQ! Express




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